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Case study: Valley National Bank – cloud atlas

Robert Bardusch, Valley National Bank

Valley National Bank, a $23 billion regional bank holding company headquartered in northern New Jersey, is undertaking a widespread technology refresh to improve customer experience and profitability.

Innovation spotlight: North American FIs going social

Who doesn't like a good party!

As banking continues to go digital, online innovators and niche players in North America are getting personal by adding social activities to their customer services.

Analysis: banking innovation in the US

ready for innovation

Banking Technology puts the banking innovation in the US under the spotlight. The market is not short of digital offerings: Simple, Moven, Kabbage, Acorns, Earny, Debitize, MagnifyMoney and more – take your pick!

How ANZ used mapping in its merger with National Bank


When ANZ decided to make its acquisition of New Zealand’s National Bank into a single brand, it had some wide-ranging rationalisation ahead of it to reduce costs while expanding service coverage. Software from Californian geographic information systems specialist Esri helped.

Fed will report on faster payments at end of 2016


The US Federal Reserve hopes to have a report on how to create a faster payments infrastructure by the end of next year and has begun processing the 325-plus applications it has had from would-be participants in its task force for faster payments.

US looks to learn from other markets on faster payments

Jerry Norton

The UK Faster Payments experience is providing some guidance for the US Federal Reserve’s efforts to move beyond its slow ACH system, but it should take a different approach, according to a speaker at the Nacha Payments 2015 conference in New Orleans this week.

300 organisations vie to join Fed faster payments task force


More than 300 organisations have applied to participate in the US Federal Reserve’s task force for faster payments, Sean Rodriguez, senior vice president for industry relations at the Chicago Fed, said yesterday at the Nacha conference in New Orleans.

US EMV roll-up will see migration of fraud to other channels

generic cards

The growing use of chip cards – EMV for the cognoscenti – will spur criminals to try new directions in fraud, Al Pascual, practice leader at Javelin Strategy, told delegates at the Nacha Payments 2015 conference in New Orleans. But it will take a little time because criminals have established modus operandi and it takes them time to move from one practice to another.

Real-time payments: coming to America?


When the US Federal Reserve Banks asked for comments on improving the US payments system, the tech industry and merchants said “let’s go” while the incumbents said “whoa, not so fast” …

Keeping the customer profitable


Separating customer billing from core systems can have dramatic effects on the bottom line – a study by Boston Consulting Group at one bank found that 17% of clients were unprofitable.