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Europe a pushover for machine takeover

I'll be back...

In another example of glacial bureaucracy, a committee from the European Parliament has written a report which recommends a meeting about robots and artificial intelligence (AI).

Silicon Valley reckons it can give AI a conscience

The robots are coming...

LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman is one of a host of investors bank-rolling a new initiative to develop ethics and governance standards for artificial intelligence (AI), reports The $27 million Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence Fund, which also features Omidyar Network as a founder, will be built around not only engineers and corporations, but […]

Top fintech stories this week – 13 January 2017

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Catch up on Banking Technology’s top five fintech stories of the week – all in one place!

“Humanoid” Ira to assist customers in HDFC Bank branches

Nitin Chugh, country head of digital banking at HDFC Bank, and Ira

India-based HDFC Bank is about to introduce its first “humanoid” branch assistant – Ira. The human-sized robot was built together with artificial intelligence (AI) company Asimov Robotics.

Putting trust in chatbots

Digital banking era is upon us... Is there a place for humans in it?

Artificial intelligence (AI) interfaces and chatbots could be revolutionary for financial institutions – but only if they strike the right balance between human and machine interaction.

ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank embrace social media

Banking comes to social media in India

ICICI Bank goes for Twitter, while HDFC Bank banks on Facebook Messenger.

Varo Money to launch bot and money coach, Val

Fancy a chat?

Mobile banking app Varo Money is brining to market a chatbot and “money coach”, Val. Val is powered by Kasisto’s KAI Banking bot and “delivers insights into spending, savings, borrowing and helps people set goals as well as offer updates and encouragement about their progress”.

Wealthy stay healthy with Charles Schwab’s new hybrid advisor

charles schwab

US-based Charles Schwab has launched its Schwab Intelligent Advisory, a hybrid advisory service that combines people and a robo-advisor. Schwab Intelligent Advisory will provide investors with a financial plan, guidance from “certified financial planner professionals”, and a fully automated portfolio using algorithm driven technology. The service is expected to launch in the first half of […]

Mobey Day Toronto: Machines of loving grace

Mobey Day - day two 1

Don’t rage against the machine, just embrace its potential and look at the real world applications. The world of machine learning (ML) came under the spotlight on day two of Mobey Day in the great city of Toronto. At yesterday’s (8 December) sessions at the Four Seasons Hotel, about 300 delegates enjoyed panels and presentations […]

Fintech funding round-up: 8 December 2016

Here comes the money wave!

Fintech funding stories can be fun if they are brief. Featuring MoneyLion, SETL and Finicity.