Financial Crime & Fraud

BS/2 and VisionLabs fool fraud with faithful facial recognition tech

BS/2, a Lithuanian banking technology company, and VisionLabs, a face recognition software provider, have teamed up to fight financial crime by offering contactless identification for self-service terminals. The duo will offer an integration solution – using BS/2’s ATMeye.iQ, a self-service video surveillance and fraud prevention system, and VisionLabs’ LUNA face recognition platform. The solution uses […]

Blockchain and Bitcoin round-up: 1 December 2017

Quickly following on from yesterday’s (30 November) blockchain and Bitcoin round-up, here’s more action. Features money laundering in Japan; Coinsource ATMs in Georgia; Cardano Foundation, IOHK and Emurgo teaming up; and PwC in Hong Kong. Over in Japan, Kyodo and Jiji news sites have reported 170 cases of suspected money laundering linked to cryptocurrencies were […]

Using the web to access online banking? Who is protecting the browser side?

To date, there hasn’t been a way to understand if online users are being compromised or to be sure precisely what they are seeing whilst visiting and interacting with a web page. We know that endpoint security and anti-viruses fail and online users can be infected even with all the precautions that they may take. Server-side security is now very mature and excellent progress has been made in that particular field.

Blockchain and Bitcoin round-up: 24 November 2017

That Friday feeling isn’t complete without another round of the latest blockchain and Bitcoin news! Following on from yesterday (23 November) our latest covers Globitex, Billion and Bitcoin Gold.

Blockchain and Bitcoin round-up: 21 November 2017

From major crimes to KYC times. Our latest blockchain and Bitcoin round-up features Tether, Metal, Deutsche Bank and IBM. Digital currency firm Tether is feeling under the weather as it has reported that “funds were improperly removed from the Tether treasury wallet through malicious action by an external attacker”. The amount is a rather large […]

Crime moves upmarket as fraud becomes UK’s number 1 offence

New research from Experian claims fraud is now the UK’s most common criminal offence, much to the dismay of thugs and hoodlums everywhere, reports (Banking Technology‘s sister publication). The company’s Annual Fraud Indicator 2017 estimates the annual cost of fraud in the UK is £190 billion, exceeding the total gross domestic product of 148 […]

Crime thriller: Trading Down, by Stephen Norman – part 3

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been sharing some extracts from a new crime thriller, Trading Down, by Stephen Norman, long serving CIO/CTO of RBS Global Markets. Here, in the third and final extract, we return to the action at the Hamilton Datacentre crisis.

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