Cognitive computing is not cognitive at all

Roger Schank

IBM are not doing “cognitive computing” no matter how many times they say they are.

Will robotic process automation herald a new digital era in regulatory compliance in banks?


Exploring how the robotic process automation (RPA) powered digital workforce looks to disrupt the manual effort intensive regulatory compliance landscape in BFS, what edge it has over its human counterpart, the roadmap towards RPA driven compliance, challenges in this digitisation journey and success mantras, and innovations that are underway towards building intelligent RPA to replicate human decision-making.

Bold statement two: statements around the bleeding edge of innovation

social media

This is a series of posts on a subject that plays on my mind a little – the application of disruption, and innovation, when it is related through the filter of our use of language, and our desire to seem advanced. This instalment is about social media efforts.

Blockchain: not the silver bullet against fraud that many expect it to be

BBVA and Ripple in blockchain cross-border payments trial

Anyone that picks up any business publication has no doubt read about blockchain. Conceptualised around the same time as the financial crisis in 2008, blockchain as originally conceived served as a digital ledger to publicly record cryptocurrency transactions and execute contracts.

Facebook’s Q1 results and five things for financial services


With the release of Facebook’s Q1 2017 results, there are five things worth your attention about its strategy that are relevant for financial services. In its latest results, Facebook announced a major emphasis in solving for communities and reiterating the key messages from its F8 developer conference. Q1 2017 profit is +76.6% YoY to $3.06 […]

How future technologies are transforming banking

Raoul Van Engelshoven, IBM

How two key technologies – cloud and cognitive – can aid banking transformation.

Will augmented reality transform banking?

Augmented reality

There has been a lot of rumour and speculation recently, focused around the news that Apple is working on augmented reality (AR) as its next major product. Last year, we saw how fast the take up of AR could be with the introduction of Pokémon Go that became a massive international cultural phenomenon almost overnight. Banks need to prepare sooner rather than later if they are going to take advantage of AR and not be left behind.

A spreadsheet way of thinking: why the future of financial services still lies in rows and columns

Don Mal, Vena

Spreadsheets, say some, should just fade away into the dustbin of innovations’ past, but in my opinion, they might be the best bridge between the “old way” of working and the new.

Lessons learnt on a start-up journey

Alex Ford, Encompass

I grew up in Darwin, northern Australia and dreamt of playing hockey for my country. Today I live in Glasgow, thousands of miles away from the sunny climes of home and head up the UK operations and marketing for regtech firm Encompass.

The future of insurance is collaboration


To the outside observer the insurance industry may look very conservative with dominant global companies and local players operating in the way they have done for years and with very little interaction with their customers. But this is changing.