Nowhere to run; nowhere to hide …

Corporate scandals, the economic meltdown and the US Flash Crash on 6 May last year have focused attention on the threats that lurk in the financial markets. To this end, market surveillance is becoming a higher priority at brokers, exchanges and regulators alike. Considering the huge volumes going through marketplaces at lightning speed, it is […]

Fixing the markets: post-trade market infrastructure regulations

In the wake of the financial crisis there was a lot of focus on the over-the-counter derivatives markets, particularly on instruments like credit default swaps. Because these deals are negotiated and executed on a bilateral basis there is concern among regulators about the increased risks to individual counterparties and the visibility of the exposures that […]

Special report: A New Decade of Regulation

Even before the banking crisis, the financial services industry found itself facing a pile of regulation. It was inevitable that after the collapse of Lehman Brothers and all that followed, this would increase. It was also inevitable that the industry’s ability to deploy legal and free market economics arguments to defer or defeat legislation has […]

Interview: Temenos looks to the future

Core systems specialist Temenos has made a number of acquisitions over the past few years that have taken it into new areas. Company chief executive Andreas Andreades says it doesn’t plan to stray too far from its roots, however. Banking Technology: How are you seeing the market at the moment? We continue to be very […]

Roundtable: The SEPA end date debate

As was widely anticipated, migration towards pan-European Credit Transfer and Direct Debit instruments is expected to be complete by early 2012 and 2013 respectively, if the European Parliament and member states approve the proposals. The EC earlier published its ‘essential requirements’ only approach in March and June 2010 and the SEPA Council was also established […]

Special Report: Data Centres

The heart of any business depends on getting the basics right and the most common engine of growth at financial institutions is data. Customer data to cross-or up-sell, regulatory data to ensure you keep your license, market data, and the speed it is delivered at, to beat trading rivals – all of these things rely […]

A question of distribution

The Retail Distribution Review is the most important review of the UK financial advisory market in over 20 years. Although not due to come in until 2013, it will be a fundamental overhaul of the way in which advisors operate and is expected to result in large-scale consolidation amongst the IFA community. The review will […]

Into a new decade: facing the future

A decade ago, the job title chief information officer barely existed; banks had IT directors – often dozens of them. These days the title has suffered a similar inflation, but the man at the top of the pile – and it still tends to be a man – can really set the pace in an organisation. […]

Interview: David Urbano, La Caixa

David Urbano is the director of mobile at La Caixa, the third biggest financial institution in Spain, with 5,232 branches, 27,200 employees and assets of €282 billion. Neil Ainger caught up with him in Sitges, Spain, while reporting on the large contactless m-payments trial the bank is running in the town, with Visa and Telefonica […]

To catch a thief : enterprise AML

Notwithstanding the recent success of the international law enforcement agencies in breaking up a gang that was aiming to steal $220 million, (see news analysis page 12) there are plenty of people in the Anti Money Laundering world who think that the present legislation is flawed, and efforts are being misdirected. David Hughes, head of […]