Welcome back: five emails you need to send this quarter

Here’s what you don’t know about how the European Parliament is going to stretch your time and budget in 2014 …

Here algo again: MiFID II will require your attention in 2014

Some EU governments are pushing changes that may close legitimate practices

For firms who remember MiFID I, and those that don’t, round two is almost upon us. This month, the Council of the EU agreed their general approach, meaning that the draft of MiFID II/MiFIR is free to advance to the European Parliament. If all goes according to the current plan, the new combined legislation will be with us in time for 2015 implementation.

A pro-fund change? Good news for AIFs


The Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive threatens to have a significant operational impact on the industry. Fund managers will soon be subject to a host of new requirements including increased KYC and due diligence, better risk and liquidity monitoring, and new reporting and disclosure requirements. However, in the UK the transition looks to be particularly […]

Living wills: don’t lose the will to live

Changing EU rules suggest firms will face 2015 implementation confusion without co-ordination on Recovery and Resolution Procedure standards

Risk data aggregation: forming the view from nowhere

Abstract binary code 3D vector background.

The deadline for firms to upgrade their risk data aggregation capabilities is fast approaching. Without a consolidated viewpoint on what new risk data requirements mean, they will be at a loss when it comes to determining best practice …

How high? Re-setting the KYC bar


Regulators are busy raising the bar for KYC systems and controls. With conflicting purposes and customer data objectives, new guidance and industry solutions are needed in 2014

Welcome to EMIR: the known unknowns of customer classification

Will existing systems be good enough?

With EMIR in force, firms are now wrestling with the challenge of classifying their customers – without an industry viewpoint the dialogue could get ugly …

Mirror, mirror: how does your risk data look?


Following the release of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision’s Principles for Effective Risk Data Aggregation, middle and back office professionals in major financial centres now find themselves with a number of difficult questions, that senior management must be able to answer and evidence.

AMLD IV: Prove you’re doing it right

AML fines are getting heavier

Anti-Money Laundering systems and controls continue to make news in the wake of the high profile failures of 2012. On 5 February, the proposal for the updated EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive was finally released. The proposal imposes a number of new requirements significantly increasing the scope and volume of firms’ KYC processes likely to be required by 2014.

Regulating the -IBORs: a global view of benchmarks?

Benchmark manipulation and fallout from it is not new news, but the global drive to regulate benchmarks is. Europe has made the first move to controlling benchmark manipulation but global co-ordination is needed to create an approach that works for everyone.