SIBOS Interview: Payments trends in EMEA

swift - alain raes

Alain Raes, CEO EMEA and Asia Pacific, Swift, discusses the main payment trends in Europe, including real-time and the Global Payments Innovation Initiative.

SIBOS Interview: The securities services industry

socgen 2

Bruno Prigent, Head of Societe Generale Securities Services (SGSS) and Mathieu Maurier, Global Head of Sales and Relationship Management discuss the global securities industry and SGSS’s plans for the future.

SIBOS Interview: Gerry Gaetz, Payments Canada

Payments Canada

SIBOS Interview: Gerry Gaetz, President and Chief Executive Officer, Payments Canada discusses the modernisation of Canada’s payments system with Tanya Andreasyan, editor of Banking Technology.

SIBOS Interview: Real-time payments in the eurozone

Sibos vid - 12 Oct

Pascal Augé, Head of Global Transaction and Payment Services, Societe Generale Global Transaction Services discusses the prospects for real-time payments in the eurozone.

SIBOS Interview: Instant Payments

Alain Vansnick 1

Alain Vansnick, Head of Payments International Business, TAS Group, explains how banks can get ready for instant payments.

SIBOS Interview: What do we have to consider in correspondent banking moving forward?

Christian Westerhaus, Deutsche Bank

Christian Westerhaus, Global Head of Product & Strategy, Institutional Cash Management, Deutsche Bank, talks about the future of correspondent banking.

Sibos 2016: future proofing payments

Thierry Chilosi, Swift

The global payments industry faces more challenges than ever before – fiercer competition, more regulations, an increasing threat from cybercrime and new demands from customers. Thierry Chilosi, head of markets & initiatives, EMEA at Swift, talks to Daily News at Sibos about the steps market participants can take to future proof their payments infrastructure.

Sibos 2016: De-risking in Africa

De-risking in Africa

Correspondent banking enables banks to access products and services which might otherwise be unavailable. By enabling cross-border transactions and access to overseas products, correspondent banking plays an important role in the global payments landscape, states Swift.

SIBOS Interview: How is digitisation and changing expectations driving change?

Nordea 1

Erik Zingmark and Peter Hupfeld, Co-Heads of Transaction Banking, Nordea, talk about how a changing world is changing banking.

Sibos 2016: Key highlights. Banking Technology editor on Good Morning Sibos TV


Tanya Andreasyan, Banking Technology’s editor, chats with Sibos TV hosts about the highlights and key themes of Sibos 2016, collaborative efforts within the industry to tackle cybersecurity threats, and the circles of the Brexit hell (we are now in circle one – Limbo).