Fintech funding round-up: 19 October 2017

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Three of the latest stories in one for a fast fintech funding round-up. Features Paykey, Digital Asset, Santander InnoVentures and ePesos.

Interview: Fabian Vandenreydt, B-Hive

Fabian Vandenreydt, B-Hive

In an exclusive interview with Daily News at Sibos, Fabian Vandenreydt, executive chairman of collaborative innovation platform B-Hive, explains what it’s doing for creativity and how it will form a separate company for scale-ups.

Open Banking brings increased revenue to those who can collaborate

Amit Dua, Suntec

With new banking reform on the horizon, Amit Dua, president of Suntec Business Solutions, assesses why customers will improve their financial and life circumstances if heritage banks and young fintech firms find a way to combine their strengths.

Challenger bank BFC edges towards 2018 launch

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BFC Bank, a subsidiary of the Bahrain Financing Company money transfer group, has completed its mobilisation process and is preparing for a launch in early 2018. As reported last year, BFC received authorisation from the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). After an initial “soft launch” for selected companies (such as SMEs […]

NEFCU launches Google Home banking app with

OK Google, ask NEFCU for my balance!

Nassau Educators Federal Credit Union (NEFCU), a 200,000-member institution in Long Island, US, has launched its Google Home Action and Google Assistant app. The solution is based on the platform.

Infographic: demystifying the cross-border remittances ecosystem

InstaReM Infographic - Demystifying Cross-Border Remittances

With a large chunk of the global workforce migrating to foreign countries in search of lucrative career opportunities or better living, the World Bank estimates that migrants will send up to $636 billion home in 2017, with three-quarters of that being remitted to developing countries. In 2015, $440 billion in remittances was sent back to […]

Top fintech stories this week – 13 October 2017

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Catch up on Banking Technology’s top five fintech stories of the week – all in one place!

P2Binvestor launches lending programme for banks

P2Binvestor 1

Colorado-based P2Binvestor (P2Bi), a marketplace lending platform, has unveiled its bank partnership programme to let organisations access capital. Krista Morgan, CEO of P2Binvestor, says it’s “enabling banks to lend to businesses they otherwise wouldn’t be able to due to strict lending standards”. P2Bi’s strategy is to “build a lending relationship with banks at an earlier […]

Venture into Accenture’s fintech innovation adventure centre

accenture lab 2

Fintech start-ups are being invited to apply to Accenture’s sixth FinTech Innovation Lab London, a three-month programme offering mentoring and the chance to accelerate business development. Accenture says this year’s lab has introduced a new stream to help regtech start-ups, because banks are “being compelled to open up their customer data and ensure this data […]

Cloud security start-up ShiftLeft de-stealths

ShiftLeft 1

Eyes right. US start-up ShiftLeft has emerged from stealth and wants to shift enterprise cloud security strategy from reactive to preventative. Enterprise Cloud News (Banking Technology‘s sister publication) reports that ShiftLeft is an alternative to finding vulnerabilities and attacks as they crop up and defending against them. Instead, ShiftLeft’s service scans application and microservices source […]