Stock Exchange

Port Moresby Stock Exchange goes live on Nasdaq trading system

Port Moresby Stock Exchange (POMSoX) has gone live with Nasdaq’s Matching Engine that operates on the Nasdaq Financial Framework platform. The launch of the new trading platform is a result of an upgrade from previous Nasdaq trading technology. The new engine will handle the trading of equities in the Papua New Guinea (PNG) market. POMSoX […]

Crown Agents Bank’s new platform empowers online FX trading

UK-based Crown Agents Bank (CAB) has launched a new online foreign exchange (FX) trading platform – EMpowerFX – offering access to prices on emerging market and major traded currencies. “Our OECD-based clients depend on our ability to offer a diverse range of hard-to-find and illiquid currencies, from the Belize dollar and Ethiopian birr, to the […]

Crime thriller: Trading Down, by Stephen Norman – part 3

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been sharing some extracts from a new crime thriller, Trading Down, by Stephen Norman, long serving CIO/CTO of RBS Global Markets. Here, in the third and final extract, we return to the action at the Hamilton Datacentre crisis.

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