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CIBanco deploys Swift’s compliance services suite

Fighting financial crime with Swift's tools

Mexico-based CIBanco has signed for a compliance services suite from Swift, which comprises compliance analytics and sanctions screening tools and KYC Registry.

Hackers hold Valartis Bank customers to Bitcoin ransom

Valartis Bank

Customers of Valartis Bank in Liechtenstein are being held to ransom by hackers, according to German tabloid Bild. The blackmailers are demanding 10% of their account balances in Bitcoin or the customers face their personal details being sent to the media and financial watchdogs. An unusual threat but the hackers might feel the bank’s customers, […]

Latin American banks turn to Swift for crime compliance

New addition to Swift's network

Eight central banks in Latin America have adopted Swift’s financial crime compliance solutions to combat financial crime. The central banks of Belize, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Curacao, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Haiti and Paraguay, have implemented the solutions, including Swift’s KYC registry and sanctions screening. Some of the banks have also endorsed the adoption of the KYC […]

Millions at risk from India ATM hack


ATMs at some of India’s biggest banks have suffered a malware attack, with around 3.2 million debit cards now at risk. Most of the affected cards belong to HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, State Bank of India (SBI) and Yes Bank. The malware potentially means unauthorised individuals can get access to the data on debit cards […] gets hacked

Bitcoin wallet provider has been the victim of a hack attack on its DNS servers. It experienced an outage for several hours while under attack, and Peter Smith, the CEO and co-founder, says its internal systems “alerted our infrastructure team who immediately began to assess the attack” but it “became clear the attackers gained […]

Wells Fargo fined $185m for fake bank account scam


Fake it until you make it… unless you get caught. Employees at Wells Fargo have been found guilty of creating millions of fake bank accounts and credit card numbers over the past five years, as an unsubtle attempt to boost sales figures. For this illegal activity, the bank has been fined $185 million, including a […]

Swift admits attacks are “here to stay” – so what can banks do?

New "super attacks" are making traditional methods of defence obsolete

There’s a cultural misconception that security equals lockdown in the financial sector; disclosure runs counter to that perception. Banks are less inclined to share intimate details of attacks because they don’t want to damage market confidence and that makes cyber security a major challenge for the sector. Swift has recently sent a letter out to customers […] and Dow Jones team up for compliance drive

KYC is partnering with Dow Jones, Exiger and Regulatory DataCorp (RDC) to drive standardisation and compliance for Know Your Customer (KYC) processes. The alliance plans to deliver an end-to-end KYC process integrating compliance, onboarding, sanctions, screening, negative media searches and client risk assessment across regulatory regimes and multiple jurisdictions. Joel Lange, managing director of Dow […]

Oracle’s Micros POS network hacked


Oracle’s global network of 330,000 point-of-sale (POS) payment systems has been hacked by a Russian organised cybercrime group. The breach occurred on the network run by Micros Systems, which Oracle bought in 2014. The incident was first picked up by computer security expert Brian Krebs, who contacted Oracle for comment. The firm acknowledged it has […]

No room for the weak says Swift CEO

Swift logo

You are the weakest link. Goodbye. Banks with inadequate cyber defences could find themselves booted off Swift’s payment network, warns Swift CEO Gottfried Leibbrandt. The threat from Leibbrandt follows a spate of hacks. Investigators are looking at more potential computer breaches following three attacks – a $101 million cyber heist in Bangladesh – the biggest […]