TSB picks Iress for mortgage tech upgrade


TSB has chosen Iress’ mortgage sales and originations (MSO) solution – with the first deployment due to be rolled out to TSB’s intermediary channel in the summer. Branch, telephony and digital will follow in a phased rollout at unspecified times. Ian Ramsden, mortgages director, TSB, says Iress is a “natural fit to support our technology […]

Fintech journalist thrilled to receive glossy brochure

A fintech journalist has reached the pinnacle of his career after being given a glossy brochure at the conference “Blockchain and Brexit – tenuously linked over four days”. Jaded hack and scarecrow impersonator Eugene Egmont, reporter at Flabbergasted by Fintech, approached a firm’s stand at the event with good intentions – a quick and lively […]

Visa opens new innovation centre in London


Visa has unveiled its latest and largest innovation centre in London, located at its European headquarters in Paddington Basin. The 1,000+ square metre space will let Visa staff work side-by-side with financial institutions, merchants and other partners to develop new payment solutions. Rajesh Agrawal, London’s deputy mayor for business, says “as a successful fintech entrepreneur […]

Everyone is a bank with Babb’s blockchain plan

Babb 2

London-based fintech start-up Babb App says it is creating a bank based on a “permissioned” blockchain implementation of a distributed ledger using Ethereum smart contracts. The Babb banking platform will operate a decentralised information model to “minimise costs while maximising data fidelity and security” – i.e. the usual suspects. It expects to do a soft […]

Barclaycard strikes new payments deal with TfL


Barclaycard has retained its contract to provide payment solutions to Transport for London (TfL) in the UK for another seven years, with an option to extend for a further three years. TfL and Barclaycard have worked together for two decades, and the former is expanding its network. We assume that Barclaycard didn’t go on strike […]

NatWest debuts digital platform for SME lending

Biometrics for NatWest

NatWest (part of the RBS group) is set to launch a new digital platform to allow small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) to quickly obtain unsecured loans of up to £150,000. Called Esme Loans, it is in trial mode and the bank will offer fast decisions on lending applications “potentially within an hour”. There will […]

New UK cybersecurity centre plays hard to get


The new National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has been unveiled in the UK – and will work with the Bank of England (BoE) to produce advice for the financial sector for managing cybersecurity effectively. The NCSC is based in London and part of the intelligence agency GCHQ (government communications headquarters). Ciaran Martin, formerly director general […]

FCA: experimenting in the sandbox

More money for UK fintechs

2017 looks set to be the year in which a number of different jurisdictions vie to become the natural home of the financial technology sector. To help ensure that London remains fintech-friendly, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has created the “regulatory sandbox”.

Santander first bank in UK for voice-powered payments

Say hello, wave good-bye

Santander has become the first bank in the UK to allow customers to make payments using their voice. As Banking Technology reported in March 2016, Santander said it was the “first” bank in the UK to launch voice banking technology. Phase one enabled customers to talk to their Santander SmartBank app and ask about their […]

UK’s Co-op Bank goes up for sale

co-op bank

The UK’s Co-operative Bank has been put up for sale – with the minority investor Co-op Group saying it is “supportive of the plan to find the bank a new home”. The recent history of Co-op Bank (which markets itself as an ethical bank) has been interesting. It had a disastrous merger with Britannia Building […]