Editorial Calendar 2017/2018

Banking Technology MagazineOur editorial calendar is intended to give an overview of the year ahead, including Banking Technology‘s upcoming features and details of distribution at events. It is a work in progress and will be updated as things change.

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Deadlines: Banking Technology is published in the first week of the month, hence, the deadline for enquiries is the middle of the previous month. 

December 2017/January 2018

What a year it’s been… As the calendar year draws to the close, we look back at its highs and lows, and look forward to 2018 and what it might bring to the fintech industry.

The issue will be distributed at the following events:

  • Retail Banking Leaders Forum, Shanghai
  • National Fintech Conference, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Seamless Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Customer Insight & Analytics Exchange, London, UK

February 2018

The year ahead
We look at what trends, developments and events are shaping the year 2018. From innovative fintech start-ups to the large incumbents, and everything in between – nothing escapes Banking Technology’s watchful eye.

The issue will be distributed at the following events:

  • Money20/20 Asia, Singapore
  • FinovateMiddleEast, Dubai, UAE
  • FinovateEurope, London, UK
  • PSD2 & GDPR Forum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Customer Experience Exchange BFSI UK, London, UK
  • Digital Integration in Wealth Management, London, UK
  • Global Private Banking, London, UK
  • Customer Experience Management Exchange Asia, Bali, Indonesia

March 2018

Artificial intelligence – mind games
AI isn’t new but the rise of mobile and cloud computing, combined with big data and cheap computing power, is driving a resurgence. Convergent technologies mean AI is finding new uses in financial services.

The issue will be distributed at the following events:

  • 10th Global Banking Innovation Forum & Expo, Prague, Czech Republic

April 2018

New fintech frontiers
There is a huge amount of hype about financial technology (fintech) and its role in financial services. We’ll be looking at the technologies that will help financial institutions cross the next frontier of innovation – cognitive computing, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), biometrics, blockchain and more.

The issue will be distributed at the following events:

  • Synchronize, New York, USA
  • IFINTEC Finance Technologies Conference and Exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey

May 2018

Banking and payments – new business models
If there is any time to be excited about new business models coming to the banking and payments industries, it is now. Everything going digital, everything going instant, fintech offerings proliferating… and even the humble “brick and mortar” branch is getting a digital makeover. Jump on the digital bandwagon!

June 2018

Cybersecurity – challenge accepted
The cyber threat is here to stay. We examine one of the hottest topics on the industry agenda – how can the financial services industry protect itself from cyber attacks and how institutions can join forces to ensure their decisions and actions are coordinated and well-informed. There is strength in numbers.

The issue will be distributed at the following events:

  • Money20/20 Europe, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

July/August 2018

Payments – the present and the future
Another huge year for the payments industry, in both the retail and inter-bank markets. What trends are influencing the sector, who is surging ahead and who is lagging behind? What solutions are on offer?

September 2018

Innovation adoration
In the spotlight are the most innovative projects, initiatives, solutions and players in the fintech/banking technology space.

October 2018 – Sibos edition

Banking Technology is an official media partner of Sibos, Swift’s major annual event. Key topics on banking tech/fintech, payments, capital and treasury markets, corporate banking and innovation covered.

The issue will be distributed at the following events:

  • Sibos 2018, Sydney, Australia

Daily News at Sibos
Banking Technology’s flagship daily publication – produced onsite at Sibos – available in print and online. Daily News at Sibos includes news, company announcements, features, interviews and analysis of the key themes of Sibos.

The issue will be distributed at the following events:

  • Sibos 2018, Sydney
  • Anti-Counterfeit & Currency Expo (ACCE), Las Vegas, USA

November 2018 – post-Sibos edition

The best bits from the show and the key takeaways, and of course plenty of food of thought from this major event for the global banking industry.

Regulation & compliance pains

So much regulation, so little time to comply with it… In this issue of Banking Technology we’ll be focusing on the problems the thorny issue of regulation poses for the financial services industry and the solutions.

Further information about the conferences and events listed above can be found in our online Events Calendar.