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Lack of data in securities messages creates compliance issues

A lack of information in securities messages creates problems for financial institutions screening them for regulatory compliance. But if the audience in a session yesterday is representative, only around half of them are screening anyway.

Banks jump on the RMB superhighway
Yuan_collection Chinese China renminbi

Banks have been quick to participate in the China International Payment System (Cips) and Sibos has provided the perfect opportunity for them to boast of their involvement. The payments infrastructure, which was launched on 8 October, was described as a “milestone” by Helen Yun, managing director and head of financial institutions China, Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Speaking during the Developing your transaction business with China session on Tuesday, she said the launch came at the right time, just a few days before Sibos opened.

Asean 5 defy the downturn, ANZ study reveals

While much of the focus at this year’s Sibos has been on China, today’s ‘Asean day’ highlights the emergence of the countries of the Association of South East Asian Nations (Asean). Many had expected the region’s trade integration to falter during the global financial crisis amid falling export demand. However a new report from Australia’s ANZ bank said the region had “defied the detractors and proved a resilient base for a new cohort of international banks”.

Cips ‘not a competitor’ says Swift

Swift was keen to point out that the newly-launched China International Payment System (Cips) is not a competitor. Prior to the launch of the Chinese payments infrastructure, details of the system were scarce. On Tuesday at Sibos, Philippe Dirckx, managing director, head of markets and initiatives, Asia Pacific, at Swift said he wanted to clear up the idea that Cips was a competitor to Swift.

‘Disruptive’ Chinese innovation is a signpost to the future, says Innotribe panel

Disruptive innovation in banking and payments was overwhelmingly coming from China. Established global banks had better watch out or they may soon not have a future …

Is everybody API?

Competition from financial technology companies and regulatory changes are forcing banks to adopt APIs to provide access to client information, which has many implications across the industry.

It’s not who you know, it’s what you know
growth markets_Thursday

Sluggish economic growth in developed nations means attention is still focused on the growth markets of the Brics nations. As intra-regional trade grows, local knowledge is becoming a valued commodity.

From tiny acorns …

From its tentative early steps to open the Swift network to corporations, Swift has been steadily building its corporate membership. Swift membership is increasingly an option for not only large multinationals, but also medium sized companies. Daily News at Sibos looks at the current status of Swift for Corporates.

The value of utility

Compliance obligations are increasing for financial institutions. A utility approach to the issue is gaining favour …

Finding the right fit

Trade finance plays an important role in helping to grease the wheels of the global economy. A largely paper-based process, effort is being put into finding ways to automate and improve processes for banks and corporates.