Sibos News 2016
Ericsson rolls out mobile remittance in emerging markets

Ericsson has joined forces with HomeSend, a joint venture between Mastercard, eServGlobal and Bics that focuses on mobile money remittances in emerging markets. Ericsson’s digital wallet, Ericsson Wallet Platform, is now HomeSend Certified. The product has access to HomeSend’s network of money transfer operators, cash agents and banks in more than 200 countries.

Sberbank goes blockchain with Hyperledger Project

Sberbank and the Linux Foundation have entered into an agreement on the bank’s participation in the Hyperledger Project.

Digitising Azerbaijan

The International Bank of Azerbaijan has partnered with Backbase to implement its omnichannel digital banking platform. With the platform, the bank will be able to provide its products and services to customers through multiple channels synchronously, creating a single multimodal touch point.

Sibos 2016: collaboration will energise ISO 20022

To drive ISO 20022 adoption, the industry is calling for collaboration and for those with the ‘right stuff’ to lead the way. A panel yesterday, ISO 20022 market practice developments, gave a global view of the status of ISO 20022 in the payments and securities markets.

Blockchain: be ready to ‘fail fast and fail cheap’

Correspondent bankers have been advised to “fail fast and fail cheap” when it comes to blockchain technology. During the Blockchain and correspondent banking – The way to go? session yesterday, a panel explored the possible use cases and barriers to adoption of blockchain technology – one of the most talked about technologies at this year’s event.

Sibos Features 2016
Sibos 2016: future proofing payments
Thierry Chilosi, Swift

The global payments industry faces more challenges than ever before – fiercer competition, more regulations, an increasing threat from cybercrime and new demands from customers. Thierry Chilosi, head of markets & initiatives, EMEA at Swift, talks to Daily News at Sibos about the steps market participants can take to future proof their payments infrastructure.

Sibos 2016: De-risking in Africa
De-risking in Africa

Correspondent banking enables banks to access products and services which might otherwise be unavailable. By enabling cross-border transactions and access to overseas products, correspondent banking plays an important role in the global payments landscape, states Swift.

Meeting hackers head-on

Online hacks are rapidly replacing the bank heists of old. With banks increasingly at risk, early threat detection is imperative. Eleonore Fournier-Tombs explains how banks can protect themselves

Financial technology: gathering speed

Financial regulators globally are putting pressure on financial institutions to move to real-time solutions in both retail and wholesale banking. Advances in technology and a desire by regulators to reduce risks in the financial system are driving the trend.

Sibos 2016 & innovation: crossing the next frontier

There has been a huge amount of hype at this year’s Sibos about financial technology and its role in financial services. Devie Mohan looks at the technologies that will help financial institutions cross the next frontier of innovation.