MiFID II transparency: a brave new world

As the European Parliament adopted MiFID II/MiFIR on 15 April, the financial services industry was left wondering what exactly the new transparency regime is going to mean. Despite a curiously low EC estimate of compliance costs, at between €512 and €732 million, it is clear that MiFID II will have a large impact on the tens of thousands of firms and counterparties that will now fall under its scope.

Banks: get your act together or fail, EBAday conference told

Banks are paying lip-service to the concept of customer service and are years behind on innovation – and unless they literally get their act together by collaboratively embracing open software libraries and sharing applications and data, they will not survive.

Settlement Time

With the US markets heading in the same direction as Europe and elsewhere, the world is converging on T+2 settlement, albeit at different speeds.

Standard Chartered Bank and SingTel launch mobile ATM app

Standard Chartered Bank and Singaporean incumbent telecoms operator SingTel have launched a new mobile money service called Dash, in which customers can move money onto their mobile device and then use it to make payments without ever coming into a bank branch.

Citi names finalists for Latin America Mobile Challenge 2014

Citi has chosen the ‘headliner’ finalists for its mobile innovation competition in Latin America, the Mobile Challenge LatAm 2014, which aims to bring together individuals and companies with innovative ideas to create applications for Citi’s Latin America mobile banking platform.

Collateral management moves to centre stage

Collateral management as it is currently known will no longer exist within a few years as increased regulatory demands, rising levels of automation and growth of industry tools to optimise collateral transform the industry, according to a new survey and report by Sapient Global Markets.

Cloud – what is it not good for?

Across the financial services sector, the question is now less about where cloud technology is being used, and more about where it isn’t used. Where do financial institutions draw the line when it comes to deciding whether to keep a process or IT-related service in-house or outsource it to specialists such as Amazon Web Services, SAP and many others?

Forget ‘mobile first’: are we heading for mobile-only banking?

The speed at which the mobile market evolves is staggering. Just as we started to look at mobile first, where banks need to align their services and strategies to cater for mobile before desktop or other traditional channels, the notion of mobile-only is now creeping to the fore.