Citi adds TCA tools to futures and options platform

Marks: good quality historical data is key

Citi has launched a new set of trading features and transaction cost analysis tools on its Citi Futures and Options Execution platform, which it says will help clients to gain clarity from their futures clearing merchants.

Instinet algo will ‘Make’ large orders viable

Instinet is based on Sixth Avenue, New York

Broker Instinet has released Make, a new algorithm which it says will help traders to shift large orders more cautiously without disturbing the market.

Nasdaq signs algo testing deal with Thesys

The Nasdaq OMX Algo Testing Facility is intended partly to help reign in runaway algos

Nasdaq OMX is planning to launch a test facility for algo trading early next year. The Algo Test Facility will be developed jointly with Thesys Technologies, a subsidiary of Tradeworx,