Physical containers – reused in novel ways. Does that include nextgen branch offices?

Shipping container reimagined

With standards as simple as what we see with shipping containers, creative folks will begin considering options for almost anything that can benefit from these containers being mobile. The user experience that today we enjoy with mobile devices has changed the very heart of today’s data centre even as we see on-premise IT moving to clouds. Couldn’t a case be made that such flexibility be embraced even more aggressively in the future and couldn’t that change the very way we view banking as it continues to transform?

Blockchain incubator Adel unveils P2P retail banking network


Blockchain incubator Adel has unveiled its project framework for people to create a peer-to-peer (P2P) network in retail banking. The firm says it will work in the “same way as Airbnb and Uber revolutionised the hospitality and taxi industries”. “Anyone with a car can be a taxi. Anyone with accommodations can be a hotel. Anyone […]

Ujjivan converts into small finance bank; picks FSS for “payments in a box”

India Flag

India-based microfinance entity Ujjivan Financial Services is converting into a small finance bank (SFB), and has signed for Financial Software and Systems’ (FSS) end-to-end payments solution.

Cash is still king but “uneasy lies the head that wears a crown!”


Even as I am prepping for my next industry event, observations from the last conference I attended continue to permeate my thoughts. The ATMIA US Conference that was held in New Orleans only recently and yet, three items continue to have me thinking about the durability, indeed longevity, of some of the points raised. In […]

Banco Santander selects ATM monitoring service

Banco Santander will use Wincor Nixdorf's ATM services in Mexico

Banco Santander is to begin using services provided by ATM maker Wincor Nixdorf to support its Mexican subsidiary. The services cover monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting.

Nationwide revamps branches with new NCR self-service ATMs

Rachel Nash (NCR) and Barnaby Davis (Nationwide) with the new ATM

UK building society Nationwide has begun a £500 million project to improve its branch network using NCR latest generation of self-service ATMs. The project aims to bring the kind of self-service experience customers can get at supermarkets to the retail bank branch.

ATM cash usage continues to grow in UK

Figures from Link, the UK’s cash machine network, show that the number of ATMs in the UK reached 70,180 in July, passing 70,000 for the first time. ATM figures from July, show that the total amount withdrawn from cash machines in July 2015 was £11.3 billion, up 4% compared with July 2014.

Wincor Nixdorf targets Brazil retail banking market

Wincor Nixdorf is expanding its operation in Brazil through local partnership with Perto

ATM maker Wincor Nixdorf is to expand its ATM business in Brazil, following a deal with Brazilian hardware company Perto. The deal comes as the BRIC market expands its retail banking infrastructure to serve the growing middle class of Brazilian society.

Bringing the channels together


Can the right combination of self-service device management, cash management and end-to-end transaction monitoring enable banks to embrace enterprise-wide performance awareness, and take a holistic approach to managing their multi-channel banking environments?

NCR offers cloud control for Android-based ATMs

The new Cx110 cloud-controlled ATM is based on Android tablet technology

NCR has announced a radical new approach to ATM network deployment, with cloud-based enterprise application allowing banks to control and manage thin-client devices running a locked-down version of the Android operating system.