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Bank of Baroda teams with Amazon for SME lending


India’s second largest bank, Bank of Baroda, has got itself an “exclusive” micro lending partnership with Amazon. The bank says through this partnership it is running a process for underwriting Amazon sellers “who would traditionally not be able to procure a line at formal financial institutions”. The deal is part of the bank’s ambitions to […]

Nainital Bank to launch new digital venture, searches for consulting and tech partner

New digital banking venture in India

India-based Nainital Bank is gearing up to launch a new digital venture. It has recently gone to market to find a consulting and implementation partner to help it design, build and launch this venture as well as service it post-launch.

Bank of Baroda launches fellowship programme to support fintech start-ups


Bank of Baroda, a public sector bank in India, has launched a fellowship programme to support fintech, rural, agricultural and financial inclusion start-ups.

Bank of Baroda calls on fintech start-ups to help solve payment challenge


India’s second largest bank, Bank of Baroda, is calling on fintech start-ups to solve the challenge of paying blue-collar workers.