People prefer banks for mobile payments, says VocaLink


Banks may have a poor reputation with the public, but the majority of people in the UK would be more likely to adopt mobile payment services if they are provided by a bank.

Barclays and HSBC offer Singapore stocks on LSE

Singapore-listed stocks can now be traded in London

HSBC and Barclays have begun trading Singapore-listed stocks on the London Stock Exchange, using the LSE’s newly-created international board.

Algorithms create new highs (and lows) at Barclays

As we’re broadly in agreement with the view of a character in Carla Lane’s 1970s sit-com The Liver Birds that opera is “just Italians arguing to music”, we’d best pass on this news with as little critical comment as possible. Following the success of oddball opera subjects – Nixon in China, Jerry Springer: The Opera […]

Barclays hires ex-FSA head to compliance top job

Barclays has appointed former FSA chief executive Hector Sants as head of compliance and government and regulatory relations.