“Jihadi capital” Belgium most lenient country on money laundering

Belgium 1

Belgium – the “Jihadi capital of Europe” – is the European Union’s (EU) most lenient country on money laundering despite its role in terrorist financing, according to anti-money laundering (AML) firm Fortytwo Data. With refreshing frankness in the usually jargon-soaked and platitude-drenched world of fintech, Fortytwo Data says the EU’s disjointed approach to the fight […]

Android Pay heads down Belgium way

Android Pay is now available in Belgium – becoming the tenth country in the world to get it. It can be used at more than 85,000 retail locations throughout Belgium that accept contactless payments. Its purchase button can also be seen in apps like Deliveroo, TransferWise and Vueling, with other unspecified apps on the way. […]

New SME bank for “millennipreneurs” comes to Europe, BankUP

2016 brought us many new digital banks

BankUP, a new fintech venture based in Kontich, Belgium, looks to tap into the European SME banking market.

Belgium gets sweet on London fintech

One bank challenger less in London

Belgium is making overtures to London’s fintech scene as it looks a build a bridge between both communities. Innovate Finance, a UK-based fintech membership association, held talks today (11 January) in London with a delegation from Belgium’s digital finance community led by the Minister of Finance Johan Van Overtveldt. As part of this meeting, Overtveldt […]

BNP Paribas and SIX target Belgian payments “monopoly”

BNP Paribas and SIX Payments Services are targeting Belgian markets

BNP Paribas and SIX Payment Services are planning to target merchants in Belgium with a new payments partnership, which they say will offer competition on payment terminals and acquiring services for the first time.

Belgian bank offers real-time tools to mobile users

Brussels, Belgium-based Record Bank has installed Sopra mobile banking tools

Belgium’s Record Bank has introduced a new mobile banking platform that it says will help customers better manage their money in real time. The features of the new mobile banking service include SEPA payment abilities and the ability for customers to check the status, transaction history and details of their own account. Established in 2001, […]

Euroclear moves France, Netherlands and Belgium to T+2 settlement

Euroclear will move the Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels markets to T+2 settlement

Securities trading in France, the Netherlands and Belgium is to move to T+2 settlement in October 2014, following a decision by Euroclear to pre-empt Europe-wide settlement reforms.