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Getting to experience thinking

Richard Dalton, Capital One

“We’ve got a great idea we think you’re going to love.” Despite its manifest flaws, this is the approach that has long dominated the development of new products and services. While introducing products that people love is an exemplary goal, real omniscience has proven to be distressingly rare.

Capital One launches SMS chatbot, Eno

Hello Eno. Fancy a text chat?

Capital One is introducing virtual assistant Eno, a chatbot that communicates with the bank’s customers via text messages.

Amazon looking to buy Capital One?


Amazon is rumoured to be pondering the acquisition of Capital One. Banking Technology contacted both parties for a comment but received no response.

Understanding the role of virtual card provider


Your organisation’s satisfaction with its virtual card provider is the single most important factor determining the return you will receive on your investment. So when you choose a supplier, set your expectations high.

Capital One joins forces with fintechs Gusto and

Capital One

Capital One Spark Business has announced “strategic partnerships” with two fintech companies, and Gusto. The aim is “to build and deliver better financial management, HR and cash flow tools designed for small businesses”, Capital One says.

Banks and digital advertising: who’s spending what and where?

Pathmatics logo1

Where do major US banks and FIs place their digital adverts and how much they spend on these? We look at the digital marketing habits of Citigroup, Capital One and Chase (data courtesy of Pathmatics).

Capital One buys online price tracker Paribus

Capital One

Capital One continues its fintech acquisition spree with the purchase of price tracking service Paribus. Emilia Lopez, managing vice-president, US Card at Capital One, says its “focus right now is on merging Paribus into the broader Capital One family”. Paribus will also be added into its broader set of technology and tools, such as CreditWise […]

LendIt and Capital One launch fintech start-up competition

Capital One

Lend me your ears… and eyes. LendIt and Capital One are to co-host PitchIt @ LendIt, a competition to “find a future star of the fintech world”. The competition is aimed at firms innovating within the online lending and fintech space. It provides a showcase for eight firms to pitch their business case to a […]

Capital One UK launches fintech start-up accelerator

Capital One Growth Labs looking for innovative fintech start-ups. Could it be you?

Capital One UK is inviting fintech start-ups to join its newly launched Capital One Growth Labs – “an accelerator programme for early-stage start-up and high-growth companies”. The initiative is supported by technology investor L Marks. The aim, states Chris Owen, programme leader, is to discover and partner with the new fintech talent and “and unlock the truly […]

Apple’s arrival will change the payments landscape – eventually


Apple may have lined up the chief executives of Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase to laud the launch of Apple Pay, but reaction from the wider industry was more muted – disappointed, even.