Bring on the money drones

Michael Kent, Azimo: bring on the money drones

Following testing by Russia’s largest bank, Sberbank, to deliver cash to clients using a custom-made drone, the arrival of more frequent cash deliveries by drones look to be just around the corner, with reports suggesting as early as the end of 2017.

Paysafecard enters UAE to enable online payments with cash

paysafecard logo

Paysafecard announced its entrance into the UAE with its flagship prepaid payment solution, which enables consumers to pay cash in retail stores for a prepaid PIN they can use to shop online.

Infographics: the new £1 coin

Infographics GBP1 coin

It’s infographics time! This nifty infographics, created by Mastercard, outlines some interesting facts and figures about the new £1 coin, compared to the old one (introduced back in 1983).

The UK gets new coins, but why?

UK gets new coins. Image source: Royal Mint

As of March this year, UK’s one-pound, two-pound and 50p coins have all been upgraded to become “the most secure coins in the world”. However, with the rise in cashless payments, online transactions and mobile banking, is there any point?

US chip and PIN card roll-out – let’s shorten the time to process; where do I sign!

'Tis the season to be jolly...

From a technology perspective, the family home has decided to rush headlong into the 21st century. When our home was built we thought we were being extremely progressive in having a Panasonic “4 lines, 10 extensions, PBX” installed with separate lines for my wife and myself and then a line for business and yes, one dedicated line for the fax machine. Cool… but fast forward a decade and a half and with the home up for sale, we were politely advised to take out all those handsets and close the door on the PBX.

All that glitters isn’t just our clothes!

gold coins

When I first started travelling for my job, it wasn’t too afield. I was working in Australia so it involved trips to New Zealand, Singapore and not much more. However, in only a few years, my travel grew to where it became routine to visit the US, Germany and the UK, but with the aircraft […]

With the acceleration of time, will we run out of cash?


“Youth is wasted on the young,” so said George Bernard Shaw. Only recently I read that this wasn’t exactly the quote he gave. To the question of what is the most beautiful thing, the Irishman responded: “Youth is the most beautiful thing in this world—and what a pity that it has to be wasted on […]

Cash continues as the only option – but hold the phone, don’t you recognise me?

Cash only

As I waited today for the barista to fill my coffee order I picked up the local newspaper; jumping right off the page was the headline, “9 Businesses that are still cash only”! (This was a reference to an article by Laura Woods on the Go Banking Rates website on 2 April 2016.) Of course, […]

Polymer notes pose £45m problem for UK cash machines

UK flag

High street banks in the UK will need to replace or upgrade thousands of cash machines at a cost of £45 million because they cannot grip the new “slippery” plastic notes, according to Bloomberg. Polymer notes are to be brought into circulation this year by the Bank of England, and the banknotes stay cleaner, are […]

Cash is still king but “uneasy lies the head that wears a crown!”


Even as I am prepping for my next industry event, observations from the last conference I attended continue to permeate my thoughts. The ATMIA US Conference that was held in New Orleans only recently and yet, three items continue to have me thinking about the durability, indeed longevity, of some of the points raised. In […]