Digital officers of India, unite!

Digital officers of India, unite!

A group of senior executives in India’s digital sector are looking to create a group of chief digital officers (CDOs) or equivalent in the country.

New breed of execs can bring true digital innovation to banking

John Rockliffe, Hyland

Digital technology is increasingly seen as the key to transforming banking into a customer-focused industry befitting the modern age, and a new role of chief digital officer (CDO) has evolved to help implement this change. However, although many banks have used IT to build more customer-friendly interfaces on apps and websites, there is scope to […]

The evolving relationship between banks and IT suppliers

Anne McCrae is head of financial services at Fujitsu UK & Ireland

Customers are looking for organisations that care about their needs in a way that is personalised, responsible, transparent and – of course – secure. In recognising this, banks are stepping up to the challenge and just as technology is at the heart of this business, so their relationship with IT suppliers is a key component of this value shift.