Alpha Payments Cloud to “revolutionise” payments

APC plans to provide a centralised payments hub where banks, merchants and payment service vendors can interact

A new payments service aims to change the way banks, merchants and payments providers interact with each other by using cloud technology.

Webinar: Six Factors That Will Help You Build Your Business Case for Cloud-Based Information Exchange Services


Click here to watch this free webinar Building a business case for moving to the cloud can be challenging. Although cloud-based technology is emerging in nearly every segment of the financial services industry, many business and IT executives are wary of taking the leap. We invite you to join the experts at Banking Technology and […]

New tricks: BNY Mellon’s CIO

Kumar: solving business problems

The architectural approach BNY Mellon put in place nearly two decades ago is allowing it to rapidly embrace technology changes, says chief information officer Suresh Kumar.

Fundtech slips into Asia with Decillion deal

Singapore-based Swift service bureau Decillion has sealed a deal with Fundtech that will provide the US company with a physical presence in Asia through its local offices in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. It will give customers in Asia access to local support in their own language and time zone. Fundtech already has a network of 600 banks outside Asia, making it the largest Swift service bureau in the world

SAP unveils corporate-to-bank cloud solution

Business management technology provider SAP is developing a new cloud-based corporate-to-bank platform, the SAP Financial Services Network (FSN), which aims to make it easier for corporates to manage their relationships with banks.

Kenyan microfinance firm adopts cloud banking technology

Kenya roadsign

Fountain Credit Services, a Kenya-based company specialising in microfinance, has adopted cloud services from banking software firm Temenos, making it the first financial institution in Kenya to adopt cloud technology.

Mobile and cloud top financial CIO agenda in UK

Fujitsu found cloud benefits becoming clearer to FS CIOs

Mobile banking will be an increasingly important channel for UK banks and financial institutions over the next three years and will be a key factor in retaining customers and increasing loyalty. In a survey of 50 CIOs from across the UK wholesale, investment and retail banking sector, 49% of organisations said that mobile banking is […]

SunGard Availability Services – IaaS


David Bannister spoke with Max Feneck of SunGard Availability Services and Clare Porter of SunGard Financial Systems about the emergence of “Infrastructure as a Service” architecture, and found that there is considerable promise once you get past the hype.

CloudING over: ING’s Steve Van Wyk on cloud

ING's Steve Van Wyk

The role of cloud computing in financial services has polarised opinion over the past few years. While the cloud approach clearly has its supporters, there has been an equally vocal opposition arguing that issues such as customer data sensitivity and regulatory oversight of where that data is kept – as well as basic security concerns – mean that cloud computing is not appropriate in the industry.

Interview: State Street CIO Chris Perretta

Since the financial crisis, there has been a discernible recovery of control over systems spending and development by the business side from the IT organisation, which has often had things too much its own way. But when an organisation embarks on a large-scale migration to a totally new architecture, it is crucial to strike a […]