Commerzbank live on SAP HANA for finance and risk management


Commerzbank is now live with an integrated set of finance and risk solutions powered by the SAP HANA platform. SAP says the bank has more than 70% of its balance sheet running on SAP Bank Analyzer and SAP Accounting for Financial Instruments. It adds that Commerzbank is able to close its monthly books “significantly faster”, […]

Commerzbank reports digital growth as profits boom

Stephan Engels, chief financial officer at Commerzbank

Commerzbank has reported a quadrupling of profits on the back of digital growth, as European banks are balancing their investment in digital services with cost cutting initiatives. Stephan Engels, chief financial officer at Commerzbank, said that adoption of digital technology is proving invaluable in an earnings call with analysts on 12 February. He observed, “Due to […]

Commerzbank continues card processing contract with Worldline

Commerzbank has extended its existing credit card processing contract with Worldline for a further seven years. Since 1998 Wordline has provided the bank with an end-to-end processing service that includes complete processing of all the bank’s issued Visa and MasterCard cards.

Banks back Swift KYC Registry initiative


A group of major international banks have agreed to jointly develop and use the centralised Know Your Customer Registry announced by Swift at the start of the year.

Commerzbank connects to Regis-TR ahead of EMIR

Commerzbank will report OTC trades to Clearstreams Regis-TR repository under EMIR

Germany’s Commerzbank has just signed up to Regis-TR, the European trade repository owned by German CSD Clearstream and Spanish CSD Iberclear, as part of the bank’s drive to ready itself for the EMIR legislation on OTC derivatives reporting.

Commerzbank and Clearstream to launch OTC derivatives support service

Commerzbank and Clearstream plan to launch their OTC derivatives managed service before the end of the year

Germany’s Commerzbank and Benelux-based Clearstream are planning to launch a new service designed to help customers in the G20 nations gear up for central clearing of OTC derivatives.

Commerzbank adopts visual security tool for mobile payments

Commerzbank has adopted new security tools

Germany’s Commerzbank has adopted a visual transaction signing tool from British security firm Cronto for its online banking customers, designed to protect against Trojan malware.