Corezoid takes digital core process engine to Amazon Web Services cloud

Corezoid's applications

Corezoid, a US-based provider of a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution to banks, has announced that its product can now be delivered on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Corezoid’s offering is a process engine for banks to create a digital core. It “allows banks to rethink all of their operations as a set of states and […]

Why it’ll be Visa and MasterCard – not tech start-ups – that truly disrupt banking

Alexander Vityaz, Corezoid

Many will be surprised by where the biggest transformations in fintech actually come from in the next few years. A true disruption probably won’t stem from a tech start-up that gets hot and rides the wave to a new normal in banking. No, it’ll actually be those old card-issuing behemoths, Visa and MasterCard, which will […]