Salesforce launches CRM/IoT starter kit

Now with IoT

Salesforce is stepping up its internet of things (IoT) game, launching a low-code service to help enterprises get started using IoT to improve customer relationships.

Use the Salesforce Luke… for your retail banking

Salesforce 1

Salesforce has unleashed “Financial Services Cloud for Retail Banking”, a new application that lets bank employees have a “complete view” of their customers and work collaboratively. New features in the application comprise a retail banking data model and console. This includes all customer data – such as bank accounts and personal identification documents – which […]

Salesforce uses AI to anticipate your sentiments and intentions

artificial intelligence

Salesforce has upped its efforts in the artificial intelligence (AI) world, introducing three new features for developers in its continued quest to “democratise” the technology.

What happens to banks when they overlook their CRM data?


Keeping high data quality in customer relationship management (CRM) should be among banks’ top priorities! We explore how outdated customer profiles and poor data quality may hurt banks’ efficiency.

Emirates NBD steps up digital banking game with Cockpit Application launch

Emirates NBD digitises branches

Emirates NBD has launched Cockpit Application, an intelligent new CRM solution for branches. The bank has also introduced biometric digital signatures and straight-through processing (STP) of digital forms.

SS&C to acquire CRM software provider Salentica


SS&C Technologies will acquire customer relationship management (CRM) software provider Salentica. Canada-based Salentica will become a platform partner to the firm’s Black Diamond wealth platform and so provide more support to SS&C – such as its Global Wealth Platform. The latter recently went live at Seattle-based Smead Capital Management. Dave Welling, managing director and co-general […]

Robotic automation software vendor OpenSpan acquired by Pegasystems

Digital evolution in progress

US-based developer of CRM and BPM software, Pegasystems, has acquired OpenSpan. The acquisition, says Pegasystems, “brings robotics, analytics and case management together to enable more productive employees and better customer experience”. OpenSpan, based in the US state of Georgia, specialises in robotics process automation and workforce analytics software. The company says it is currently running […]

Banking on the user-centric experience? Begin with robust data and analytics

Igor Sarenac Convergys High Res

The UK retail banking sector is characterised by a continuing lack of competition and resultant limited customer churn between financial services providers. This has made it difficult even for new market entrants to gain market share from long-standing, less popular competitors, due to the inconvenience and complexity involved in switching banks.