Infographic: demystifying the cross-border remittances ecosystem

InstaReM Infographic - Demystifying Cross-Border Remittances

With a large chunk of the global workforce migrating to foreign countries in search of lucrative career opportunities or better living, the World Bank estimates that migrants will send up to $636 billion home in 2017, with three-quarters of that being remitted to developing countries. In 2015, $440 billion in remittances was sent back to […]

Top reasons US consumers transfer money highlight payments opportunities – report


With competition for cross-border payments heating up, new data from currency exchange website XE, part of Euronet Worldwide, shows that US residents are transferring money internationally most often to pay bills or for living expenses, followed by travel expenses, mortgage and rental payments, and cash gifts.

Flywire snags PayPal for cross-border payments

Flywire gets pally with PayPal

Cross-border payments and receivables specialist Flywire has added PayPal to its platform as a funding option, enabling businesses, students and patients to fund cross-border payments via PayPal accounts.

Local banking for global trading – an impossible goal?

Anders La Cour, Saxo Payments

Anders la Cour, CEO of ground-breaking payments utility Saxo Payments Banking Circle, which is underpinning the service propositions of a growing number of payments businesses, reports on the payment pain points currently faced by merchants who have ambitions to trade globally.

Payments: correspondent banking faces its future

Anders la Cour, Saxo Payments

In an increasingly globalised economy, payments have struggled to keep up and pressure is mounting on the traditional correspondent banking model.

PayCommerce launches instant cross-border payments, clearing and settlement scheme

Welcome to the consortium

Join the consortium. PayCommerce, an open cross-border payments network, has launched an instant cross-border payment, clearing and integrated settlement programme for global banks.

Swift’s global payments initiative gets boost from 73 banks

Swift logo

Swift has revealed 73 banks worldwide have now joined its global payments initiative for cross-border payments. The latest to join are Alfa-Bank, Axis Bank, Banco de Crédito del Peru, Banco do Brasil, Bangkok Bank, Bank of Nova Scotia, Banque Européenne d’investissement, CaixaBank, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Credit Agricole, CTBC Bank, E.Sun Commercial Bank, Fifth […]