Why blockchain won’t fix payments


There is a misconception about blockchain in the industry surrounding the belief that it is a solution to making faster and securer payments. There are some issues around the blockchain that explain why, in its present form, it isn’t an ideal replacement.

Ledger partners with Intel to boost blockchain app security

Ledger teams with Intel

Ledger, a France-based specialist in security solutions for cryptocurrency and blockchain applications, has partnered with Intel to bring greater protection for users of digital wallets.

Colu launches local digital currency for London


Colu, a blockchain-powered platform provider, has unveiled its second currency in the UK – the “Local Pound, East London”. The firm’s idea is to provide people in East London with a digital, localised currency and so create a “closed-loop economy”. It uses Colu’s digital wallet app, and individuals can pay from a smartphone. It is […]

Blockchain incubator Adel unveils P2P retail banking network


Blockchain incubator Adel has unveiled its project framework for people to create a peer-to-peer (P2P) network in retail banking. The firm says it will work in the “same way as Airbnb and Uber revolutionised the hospitality and taxi industries”. “Anyone with a car can be a taxi. Anyone with accommodations can be a hotel. Anyone […]