A boringly good guide to cryptocurrencies

Image source: MBNA

Here is a boringly good guide to cryptocurrencies, courtesy of MBNA. It is not boring at all really!

Blockchain & back office: a revolutionary change or not?


Blockchain has been hailed as a disruptive force capable of revolutionising the banking sector. While this may be the case to some extent, the impact may be overstated when it comes to wider back office operations, argues Paul Westgate, product manager at Linedata. In the clamour to proclaim blockchain, and those cryptocurrencies built on blockchain technology, […]

Will regulation be a blessing or a blow for Bitcoin?

Gunnar Nordseth, Signicat

The European Commission (EC) wants to update the fourth Anti-Money Laundering directive so that it also covers virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin. In the UK, the Treasury has followed suit by announcing plans to subject virtual currency exchanges to the same regulations as banks. This isn’t surprising. Gunnar Nordseth, CEO and co-founder of Signicat, muses over the possible […]

Value of cryptocurrency transactions ‘to half this year’


The value of all cryptocurrency transactions will more than half this year, falling from $71 billion in 2014 to just over $30 billion. The decline was attributable to the combined impact of exchange collapses, Bitcoin theft and regulatory concerns.

Cryptocurrencies overcome California legal hurdle – but the battle is not over yet


Digital and alternative currencies, including Bitcoin, can now be used for transactions in California, following the implementation of bill AB129 on 1 January 2015. The new bill is a step forward for cryptocurrencies which have faced tough opposition and scrutiny from global regulators. However, serious doubts about the safety of digital currencies have been voiced by banks.

Banks have a role to play in crypto currencies

When a new payment system such as Bitcoin arises it tends to be successful “in areas where a need is not being met”, Gottfried Leibbrandt, Swift chief executive told delegates yesterday. He said his fascination with Bitcoin – “both a currency and an innovation” – had not changed in the past 12 months.