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UK dark pools looking cool


Firms operating dark pools have made “significant progress” in addressing the promotion and the management of conflicts of interest, according to the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Dark pools are trading venues with no-pre trade transparency where the price and volume of all orders are hidden and anonymous. Andrew Bailey, chief executive of the FCA, […]

EC calls time on the broker crossing network – so what happens now?

TradeTech delegates debated the search for block liquidity

Broker crossing networks will be heavily affected by upcoming European Commission rules on dark trading. But with 18 months to go until implementation, uncertainty still unnerves brokers and asset managers – prompting some market participants to re-examine whether they want to trade at all.

Dark pools, market manipulation and benchmark rigging top risks warns report

MAD II is an opportunity, says SunGard's Magnus Almqvist

Regulators in the US and Europe are stepping up investigations into dark pool activity, market abuse and manipulation of financial benchmarks following a spate of damaging incidents in recent months. Tougher regulatory oversight could have a significant impact on all three areas, according to a new report by financial services technology provider SunGard.

Dark pools are unfairly damaging exchanges warns report

US regulator the SEC supports circuit breakers

Trading rules in the US are giving dark pools an unfair advantage over exchanges and could be damaging liquidity, according to a new report by the Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre.

Nasdaq OMX Treasuries dark pool will revitalise bond trading

Chuang: fixed income is the least regulated asset class in capital markets today

Electronic fixed income trading, one of the last major asset classes traded by humans, could take a big step forward when a new Nasdaq OMX dark pool trading venue goes live next year.

Fidessa and Celent call for MiFID II clemency on dark pools

Grob: It is better to let the market decide

Regulators should consider carefully the implications of their actions, and not be too hasty to censure or restrict trading activity on dark pools, according to a report released by analyst firm Celent this week. The findings have been supported by senior financial services executives at Fidessa, who have called for investor choice to be maintained.

New rules for dark trading and HFT in Australia

Australia's ASIC has introduced new tougher rules for HFT and dark pools

Australia’s Securities and Investments Commission has set out a series of final rules on dark liquidity and high-frequency trading, which it says will promise a more stable market.

Deutsche Börse opens doors to ‘dark pool’ Liquidnet

Deutsche Börse will now have access to Liquidnet's buy-side liquidity across Europe

German exchange Deutsche Börse is to launch a new block trading service in partnership with Liquidnet, the buy-side crossing network.

New BAML trading system aims at “disillusioned” investors

BAML is hoping to attract long-term investors

Bank of America Merrill Lynch is seeking to attract long-term investors who have become disillusioned with equity markets. Its new trading system, Instinct Natural, is a crossing network that is clearly geared towards customers that want to trade in blocks. But market participants have expressed concerns about its potential to meet the needs of long-term investors.

Squawker prepares for March debut with SIX Financial Information

Squawker, the start-up block trading venue headed by Christopher Gregory, has moved one step closer to its goal of providing a pan-European mid-point matching service for banks and brokers, following a deal between it and Switzerland’s SIX Financial Information this week.