Lessons from the GDPR compliance journey of a large financial services organisation


In preparation for GDPR compliance, a global financial services organisation embarked on a journey to assess its core information processing environments with the objective of identifying opportunities to strengthen its privacy data protection programs. This article focuses on the technology challenges, approach, and lessons learned for the centralised testing environment.

UK faces relegation battle in fight for digital dominance

Digital race: UK is at the very back

If data is going to define the digital economy the UK is screwed, according to fresh research from Teradata.

E-book: Regulatory compliance for banks – using data to unblock the road ahead


Your bank faces more competitive pressures than ever before. Regulations nowadays regularly cost financial institutions billions. You know this. What may be unclear is how IT can help, not hinder, your competitive position. As data becomes the roadblock for compliance, so too it can become your competitive advantage. The latest techniques for handling compliance processes […]

The looming possibility of Brexit underscores the need for data clarity

Mark Holland is partner at and co-founder of business transformation consultancy Holley Holland

Tactical regulatory firefighting has distracted banks from their long-term strategic shift to an enterprise view of data. Looming issues such as the possible Brexit highlight the urgency of this task

Data integrity and post-crisis regulatory reform

Mark Brennan is head of business development Americas at ITRS

The integrity of data in capital markets – be it, for example, price data, trade facts, collateral balances, or other key business information – has long been a fundamental concern of technologists and business stakeholders. But how do we define integrity?

The media as a source of reputational protection, rather than risk

Chrisol Correia is head of global AML at LexisNexis Risk Solutions

For better or worse, financial institutions are more risk averse than ever. This is the direct result of continuing and growing regulatory scrutiny over a broad range of activities, including the compliance of financial institutions in areas such as international sanctions, the prevention of money laundering, the funding of terrorism or the facilitation of tax evasion.

Better use of data is route to new revenue says EFMA report

Maintenance is taking 77% of IT budgets

Banks should focus their efforts on using data to provide better services to merchants, retail customers and other businesses – and they can build a more efficient business, according to a new report by Kurt Salmon and the European Financial Management and Marketing Association.

Bloomberg rolls out ‘actionable’ FX news service

Bloomberg's new FX news service is designed to give fast, 'actionable' insight to traders

Bloomberg has launched a new information service called First Word Foreign Exchange, which is designed to give FX traders ‘actionable’ news insight that they can quickly process and feed into their trading decisions.

Re-inventing banking: geospatial adoption drives “New World” business models


Loyalty is key to business success – and banks that can bring data and technology to bear to achieve it stand to gain the most, writes Sameet Gupte, senior vice president and managing director for Europe at IT consulting and outsourcing company Virtusa Corporation.

Embrace data or lose out – Capco warns FS firms

Financial services firms may be losing out on opportunities to save costs and generate revenue, according to Capco

Financial institutions are not managing their data effectively and may be at risk of losing out on the balance sheet, according to new research by technology consultancy Capco.