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Venmo tests physical debit card

When the app is not enough...

Venmo is planning to introduce a physical debit card to supplement its payments app.

Virgin Money extends card processing agreement with TSYS

virgin money

Virgin Money has signed a long-term deal with TSYS for debit card processing in the UK. The bank is already using the payments vendor’s TS2 solution for its credit card operations.

Handbag stars in Starling Bank debit card debut

starling bank

“We have the licence, we have the technology, now we have the card.” New UK challenger bank Starling has got its first batch of debit cards as it continues to build its infrastructure. Like some kind of shopaholic’s symbolic frolic, the bank detailed its London shopping adventure with a blog post. This had a point […]

Plenty of room for growth as Chinese card base doubles to 3 billion

There are an average of 2.7 cards per adult in China

The number of payment cards in China has doubled since 2007, reaching three billion by the end of 2011, and, according to a new study by RBR. They don’t get much use though – there were only two payments made per card during 2011.

Debit cards still in ascendant as non-cash payments grow

Lodge: US will find cheques a hard habit to break

Debit cards are the leading non-cash payment method globally, with cheques “dying out rapidly” according to research from Celent.