Infographics: Video banking – it’s on

video banking

Video banking has finally reached inflection point, according to Efma and Vidyo Inc. The two companies have carried out the research, “which uncovered massive support for video banking among financial organisations worldwide”. Nearly 80% of all banks surveyed plan to offer video-enabled banking services. Check out this nifty infographics (courtesy of Efma and Vidyo) on all […]

Efma and SAP partner for SME AppsBank Portal

Have SME apps to build or share? Efma & SAP are interested

Efma, an association of 3,300 retail financial services companies in more than 130 countries, and SAP have launched a new online portal to help banks’ SME-related business. The portal – (unsurprisingly) hailed as “innovative” and “disruptive” by its creators – supports banks in developing new apps for their SME clients and also holds competitions to […]

Non-bank competitors prompt banks to invest, finds survey


The threat of competition from technology companies, startups and non-banks is causing serious worry to nearly three-quarters of retail banks, causing four-fifths of them to invest in so-called ‘disruptive’ technologies, according to a new study by Infosys and non-profit organisation Efma.

Efma names new chief exec as Desmarès steps down

Trade association Efma has appointed Vincent Bastid as its new chief executive, replacing Patrick Desmarès, who is retiring after 12 years in the post.

Retail banks face falling customer satisfaction and loyalty globally

Portraits Kick Off 2010 Cap Gemini

At first glance the message for banks from the latest World Retail Banking Report 2015 looks like very bad news for traditional banks. Globally, customers’ propensity to leave their primary bank is on the rise while their willingness to make referrals or buy additional products from their primary bank has decreased significantly.

Emerging market banks lead on customer experience innovation


Banks in fast growing and rapidly developing markets have greater ambition to innovate and invest more in research and development on customer experience than those in mature markets, though all are increasing their investments.

Better use of data is route to new revenue says EFMA report

Maintenance is taking 77% of IT budgets

Banks should focus their efforts on using data to provide better services to merchants, retail customers and other businesses – and they can build a more efficient business, according to a new report by Kurt Salmon and the European Financial Management and Marketing Association.

Google is banks’ biggest fear finds innovation survey

Banks now rate Google as their biggest threat

The average bank now typically views web portals such as Google as the biggest threat to its business, according to a new report by French retail banking association Efma and business IT firm Infosys. Yet banks also report rising levels of innovation within their firms.