Blockchain and Bitcoin round-up: 19 June 2017

No Bitcoin traded here

Don’t let the blocks cause you too much mental blockage. Our latest blockchain and Bitcoin round-up keeps it ultra-brief. Featuring Ayondo, XBT Provider, Xapo and the European Commission. Financial services firm Ayondo has expanded its product portfolio with the launch of Bitcoin trading, offering access to price movement without the need to open an e-wallet […]

European Banking Federation wants fintech at overclock speed

European Commission

Responding to the European Union (EU) consultation on fintech, the European Banking Federation (EBF) wants the creation of an inclusive ecosystem and asks for people to get on with it. Earlier this year, the EC called for feedback and said it wanted to prise open national barriers as only 7% of consumers currently buy financial […]

Is the UK going to be ready for EU GDPR?

European Commission

With just under 12 months to go until the European Union (EU) imposes new data protection regulations, there seems to be a growing sense of unpreparedness throughout the industry, reports (Banking Technology‘s sister publication). Perhaps it’s because of the timeframes which were involved for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), or a misunderstanding of […]

No EC love for European banks’ screen scraping ban plan

land area in Europe the night

The European Banking Federation’s (EBF) call for the European Commission (EC) to help on a screen scraping ban is not going well. As reported last week, the EBF wants the ban due to concerns over the privacy of client data, cybersecurity and innovation. It wants the EC not to dismiss a key recommendation made by […]

Trade group report offers post-Brexit licensing guidance for fintechs

It'll be hard

With last year’s Brexit decision casting uncertainty on UK-based e-money passporting, the Emerging Payments Association (EPA) has released a new report recommending the best options for UK-licensed fintech and financial services companies in danger of losing their European Union passporting rights following the UK’s exit from the EU.

ICMA pushes for faster progress on European Capital Markets Union


The European Union’s initiative to create a Capital Markets Union in Europe is currently stuck in a quagmire of political debate. That shouldn’t discourage politicians and regulators from taking the necessary steps as soon as possible, according to a new report by the International Capital Markets Association.

EU securities financing regulation imminent

The EPC is updating the rulebooks for SEPA

On 12 January new EU regulations on securities financing will take effect. Local regulators including France’s AMF have warned financial institutions to be ready for the new rules, which require greater transparency.

EU Commission mandates OTC derivatives clearing

The European Commission has introduced mandatory clearing for OTC derivatives

The European Commission has adopted new rules that make it mandatory for certain OTC interest rate derivative contracts to be cleared through central counterparties.

European Commission and US “close to a deal” on data sharing

The EU and the US are reportedly close to a deal on data sharing

Banks may need to revisit the way they handle data, in preparation of an upcoming agreement between the European Commission and the US authorities on data-sharing.

The looming possibility of Brexit underscores the need for data clarity

Mark Holland is partner at and co-founder of business transformation consultancy Holley Holland

Tactical regulatory firefighting has distracted banks from their long-term strategic shift to an enterprise view of data. Looming issues such as the possible Brexit highlight the urgency of this task