National Bank Investments signs for FactSet’s risk management tech

National Bank of Canada will use Orc algorithms and direct market access

National Bank Investments (NBI), a subsidiary of National Bank of Canada, has opted for FactSet’s multi-asset class risk model, workstation, and analytics suite as its investment risk management and manager due diligence system.

Vermilion Software and Cymba Technologies acquired by FactSet

Factset in shopping spree

Factset, a US-based provider of financial information and analytics software to the investment management industry, has completed two acquisitions. These are Vermilion Software, a client reporting and communications software specialist and Cymba Technologies, which focuses on asset and investment management software and solutions.

Regulation: why it must be seen as the carrot rather than the stick

Greg King is

The global financial crisis triggered an avalanche of fierce criticism for the financial industry, the repercussions of which are still being felt. In its wake industry bodies around the world introduced stringent regulations that require in-depth auditing to achieve compliance and complete corporate accountability.