FATCA: joining the KYC dots?


FATCA compliance might not need a separate programme – it ought to be covered by the same approach as AML, RDR and KYC regulations, among others.

Tackling FATCA compliance: using new regulations to win a competitive edge

Reetu Khosla

With the January 2014 deadline looming on the horizon, financial organisations are realising that fast action is needed, and needed now, in order to be able to meet the first FATCA deadline for new account on-boarding.

Thomson Reuters debuts FATCA compliance kit

The headquarters of the IRS, Washington D.C.

Thomson Reuters has launched a tool to help financial institutions comply with the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, widely known as FATCA, which requires banks to identify their US customers for tax purposes.

FATCA delay gives breathing space but no respite

Asprey: it is important to understand the scale of the problem

Reaction to the announcement that the US authorities have pushed back some of the deadlines for the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act varies between relief that there will be more time to respond adequately to its implications, and urgent warnings from observers that the problem is not going away – it is getting bigger.