Securities markets: standing at the crossroads

At the crossroads

Financial technology has the potential to radically transform the securities industry. The fast pace of change could lead to disintermediation, according to an Iosco study.

Finra highlights possibilities of blockchain tech for the securities industry

Finra examines blockchain

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (Finra), a non-governmental organisation that regulates member brokerage firms and exchange markets in the US, has published an extensive report, evaluating the implications of blockchain for the securities industry.

NYSE defends controversial “retrograde” self-regulation plan

NYSE has been criticised for its plan to take over surveillance from FINRA

Financial market participants have criticised plans for the New York Stock Exchange to begin monitoring itself through its non-profit division, NYSE Regulation, describing the move as a “retrograde step” that will never work in practice. NYSE is currently monitored by FINRA, an independent organisation.

Market manipulation detection firm offers “Pepsi Challenge” with new system

Michael Friedman

One company grateful for the flurry of publicity given to the practice of front-running orders by the publication of Michael Lewis’s book Flash Boys earlier this year is New York-based Trillium, whose Surveyor market manipulation detection tool can be used to detect the practice.

Barclays fined again for “widespread” failure to keep records

Barclays has been fined for its failure to keep electronic records

Barclays has been fined $3.75 million by the US Financial Industry Regulatory Authority for its failure to keep electronic records, including emails and instant messages, which are required by law. The failure is the latest in a string of recent fines for the bank.

FINRA appoints di Florio to curb risk

Di Florio will be responsible for protecting US investors

The US Financial Industry Regulatory Authority has appointed Carlo di Florio as executive vice president, risk and strategy. In his new role, di Florio will lead FINRA’s office of risk, emerging regulatory issues, enterprise risk management and strategy.