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Five solutions for the challenges women face in tech today

Sarah Greasley, CTO, Direct Line Group

In the most recent InsurTech Bytes podcast, Sarah Greasley, CTO, Direct Line Group, opened up about her experience as a woman in fintech, the challenges and the solutions. FinTech Futures (Banking Technology’s sister company) uncovered the solutions for five of the key hurdles in her career. 1: Entrepreneurship and empowering risk taking Challenge: From a […]

The “entrefunereal” spirit takes hold at Rainmaking Summit

Laying BS, corporate buzzwords to rest

Game-changing innovations, paradigm shift and synergy… Buzzwords no more! The Rainmaking Summit tapped a frustration with the kind of language that obfuscates more than it clarifies, initiatives that pay lip service to innovation while skirting around the edges, and the cultural, organisational, and technological blockers to change that define many large corporates.

Regtech: providing a step up the financial services pyramid

Finance Disrupted: how regtech can support financial inclusion

There was an interesting discussion at the recent Finance Disrupted event in London, organised by The Economist, that highlighted the opportunity for regtech to support financial inclusion.

Regtech in 2017: the big sweep

2017 is tipped to be a big year for regtech, with many predicting the beginning of fundamental, tech-enabled transformation of the middle and back office. While the excitement around what the coming year holds for regtech is clear, it could be useful to cast our minds back to December when regtech entrepreneurs and representatives of […]

RegTech Futures: hipsters, hackers and hustlers – making innovative compliance a reality

Hipsters, hackers & hustlers (not necessarily in that order)

At last week’s RegTech Futures summit in Amsterdam, organised by FinTech Futures and supported by Banking Technology, the potential of regtech innovators to re-imagine compliance – reducing the cost, creating more robust systems and creating new opportunities for deeper digitisation – was discussed in depth.

Blockchain is not just for banking… insurance wants it too

Insurance and blockchain: a promising future

There has been a tremendous amount of excitement and discussion about the potential of blockchain technology to transform the financial services industry and beyond. But the only thing that is clear at the moment is that there is still a lot of work to be done to implement wide scale use cases, clear up any regulatory uncertainly or barriers and educate institutions and employees about the technology and its potential.

Is regtech the front runner in the race for digital compliance?

Unlocking the regtech potential

Regulatory technology (regtech) is winning the race to combat regulatory compliance exposure and mitigate conduct risk – especially in digital business environments. Join us for a webinar to debate this hot topic.