Survey: Commercial banks & fintech

Fraedom and Banking Tech Survey

We are calling on the commercial banking industry to take part in our survey to help us create a comprehensive study on the subject of the industry’s relationship with fintech.

Fintech: why commercial banks must follow retail banking’s lead

Kyle Ferguson, Fraedom

It’s been seen as the ultimate clash of cultures. The baseball cap and T-shirt versus the formal suit and tie; the young, quick-thinking fintech versus the risk-averse multinational corporate; David versus Goliath.

Analysis: commercial cards, clear lines and communication

Kyle Ferguson, Fraedom

There is no question that the commercial card sector is growing strongly. According to Research and Markets, the US commercial card market in particular is outstripping other B2B payment types. For banks and banking services providers, this presents a huge opportunity to grow revenues while improving customer experience – a vital component in customer retention and increased lifetime value.

Interview: Kyle Ferguson, Fraedom’s CEO – on the road to Fraedom

Kyle Ferguson, Fraedom

Payments technology and expense management specialist Fraedom is on the journey to tap into the $110 trillion B2B market opportunity that remains untapped today. “If the technology is both powerful and intuitive, people will use it,” states Kyle Ferguson, Fraedom’s CEO.