Gemalto bus-ts a move with GDPR double decker delight

gdpr 1

Should you hear a vehicle trundling down your litter-strewn UK street don’t all rush out assuming it’s an ice cream van. Calm yourself and your desires for a gigantic calorie-drenched concoction, and instead prepare for Gemalto’s GDPR Clinic. Before you ask WTF? (i.e. what the fintech) – this is payments firm Gemalto and its double […]

Blockchain and Bitcoin round-up: 1 February 2017


The world moves fast, so you need a fast read. A round-up of key events to save you time. PayCommerce, an open cross-border payments network, has completed its real-time, cross-border payment, clearing and settlement testing. It is the first phase of its multi-country global roll out strategy and was done between the US and India. […]

Intesa Sanpaolo sends PIN codes to customers via digital channels

PIN by SMS, web or mobile app – no more waiting for the postman!

Italy’s largest retail bank, Intesa Sanpaolo, is working with Gemalto to deliver PIN codes to customers via SMS, web and mobile banking app. Gemalto describes the project as “the world’s first comprehensive e-PIN notification service”.

Yes Bank says yes to Gemalto’s mobile payments for UPI


Yes Bank has deployed Gemalto’s SafeNet Network HSM to secure mobile payment transactions for its customers under India’s recently implemented Unified Payments Interface (UPI). UPI was launched in April by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), and will go live by the end of this month with 15 participating banks. It offers instant, online […]

Gemalto teams up for biometric security platform launch


Four firms have joined forces to introduce the “first” end-to-end security architecture for biometric fingerprint authentication at Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona. Gemalto, Fingerprint Cards, Precise Biometrics and STMicroelectronics say they are offering original equipment manufacturers (OEM) the opportunity to deploy this feature in the latest generation of wearable and consumer electronics devices. The […]

Cyber attacks on the rise warns Gemalto

Gemalto warns that data breaches are on the rise

Data breaches are getting worse with 246 million records compromised by criminal activity in the first six months of 2015, according to new figures published by digital security company Gemalto. The numbers suggest cyber-crime will remain a top priority for banks for the foreseeable future.

Tokenisation is key to tackling threat of payment challengers

Tokenisation is "essential" says Gemalto

The vast majority of payments worldwide are still made in cash. But if mobile were to combine e-commerce with proximity payment, that could be a problem for banks. One potential solution is tokenisation.

Securing the future of NFC?

Jean-Claude Deturche is senior vice president at Gemalto

Ever since the deployment of Apple’s NFC solution – ‘Apple Pay’, and the various competitors launches since, there’s been speculation around what the future holds for consumer payments and how security will impact it

CaixaBank launches Gemalto-powered NFC mobile payment wristband


CaixaBank, one of Spain’s largest banks, has moved into the wearable payment technology space with the launch of an NFC-enabled wristband capable of making contactless payments. Security vendor Gemalto has supplied its Optelio Contactless MiniTag, which links the wristband to the user’s existing payment card.

Lack of EMV means US leads the world in card fraud


The US leads the world in card fraud, at least in part because it has lagged in the adoption of the EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) Chip & PIN standard, and continues to use signatures for verification. One result, said Carolyn Balfany, group head for US product delivery at MasterCard Worldwide, during Money2020 in Las […]