Will augmented reality transform banking?

Augmented reality

There has been a lot of rumour and speculation recently, focused around the news that Apple is working on augmented reality (AR) as its next major product. Last year, we saw how fast the take up of AR could be with the introduction of Pokémon Go that became a massive international cultural phenomenon almost overnight. Banks need to prepare sooner rather than later if they are going to take advantage of AR and not be left behind.

Bank of Montreal signs for service

BMO Bank of Montreal logo

Bank of Montreal has signed onto’s service to streamline the collection and management of KYC (Know Your Customer) information., a joint venture between IHS Markit and Genpact, says it standardises and centralises operations around client onboarding and due diligence. Michele Trogni, executive vice-president, consolidated markets and solutions for IHS Markit, says the addition […]

The role of intelligent analytics in retail banking

Thomas Mathews is vice president of banking at Genpact

Since the financial crash retail banks are faced with more regulatory and financial restrictions than could have been envisioned. This is coupled with increased levels of competition and much reduced consumer trust. Intelligent analytics may offer part of the solution.

How traditional high street banks must harness the power of big data to remain competitive

Thomas Mathews is vice president of banking at Genpact

At the core of the challenge for banks is understanding their customer better and using the information effectively across the business.

Using technology to drive business agility in a volatile environment

Sanjay Srivastava

As business process operations enter a new capter of accelerated transformation, technology services are not just a critical component for financial services firms – they are the business itself.

Generation Y leads UK towards mobile banking

UK consumers are turning their backs on the big brands in favour of competitors

Nearly two-thirds (64%) of UK current account holders would prefer to bank online or via a mobile app than via telephone or in-branch banking (29%), according to a recent survey by YouGov and business process specialist Genpact.

Credit Agricole CIB outsources US IT in multimillion deal


Credit Agricole CIB has signed an outsourcing deal with Genpact, in which the technology firm will help the bank by providing its IT development and maintenance, production support, infrastructure management and user support in the US.