Speed through the checkout with Pay with Google

Google goes IoT

Speed through the checkout on your Android device with Pay with Google, the latest payment API from Google.

Google bids for AI leadership with new Pixel 2 smartphone

Google goes IoT

Internet giant Google’s big gadget unveil is all about positioning itself for the artificial intelligence (AI) era, not becoming an iPhone killer, reports (Banking Technology’s sister publication). The flagship product is the Pixel 2 – a product so important for Google that it blew a billion bucks on beefing up its R&D team. As […]

Google’s Deepmind sets out to tackle AI ethics

Google goes IoT

If you ask the world of technology to slow down a bit, you’re instantly branded as a technophobe. But perhaps a bit of reflection is needed in the artificial intelligence (AI) arena, reports (Banking Technology’s sister publication). Google’s Deepmind is one of those which is starting to think a bit deeper about the big, […]

Alexa’s footprints are starting to appear all over the place

Have I got any money, Alexa?

While Google is doing its impression of a petulant child, storming home from the park with its football tucked under its arm by barring Amazon Echo Show access to YouTube, Amazon has drafted a host of reinforcements for its Alexa offensive, reports (Banking Technology’s sister publication). For the most part, the majority of the news […]

Tech dominates Interbrand global rankings

Day4 Technology

Interbrand has released its rankings of the most valuable brands in the world, and the technology sector has a lot to boast about, occupying six of the top ten spots, reports (Banking Technology’s sister publication). Every now and then we just need a reminder of how important technology is for today’s society. In previous […]

App it. The future of banking

Paul Rippon, Monzo

This morning I was having breakfast with a colleague. I paid the bill, and he sent me his share of the bill using our Monzo app. Before we’d walked out of the café, the money was in my account. Simple!

Google gets into digital payments fray in India

Google goes IoT

Google is expected to launch a mobile payments app in India next week. Google Tez, which means “fast” in Hindi is the anticipated name of the payments service, which is “largely fashioned on the company’s global product – Android Pay”.

Do you have a handle on your digital footprint?


It might seem obvious, but sometimes we just need to be reminded of how much information we give away without thinking about it.

Google chases down Apple with ARCore launch

Google goes IoT

Google has responded strongly to Apple’s front-running approach to augmented reality (AR) with the launch of a new AR platform, reports (Banking Technology‘s sister publication). ARCore is the Android equivalent to the Apple ARKit; in short, an AR reality platform for developers. It’s not the first time Google has had a crack at the […]

Walmart taps Google for omnichannel commerce play


Google and Walmart are teaming up to take on Amazon (and Alexa) with voice-activated commerce and more plans for 2018, reports Banking Technology‘s sister publication Paybefore. Starting in late September, the retail giant will be working with Google to offer hundreds of thousands of items for voice shopping via Google Assistant – the largest number […]