GPS goes for luxury payments with wearables for Armillion


Global Processing Services (GPS) has announced an agreement with luxury jewellery brand Armillion to incorporate contactless payment technology into its exclusive high-end bracelets.

GPS captures contactless lightning in a bottle

Pay with a bottle

You’ve heard of wearables – now meet “drinkables”. Global Processing Services (GPS) is helping support a new energy drink marketing campaign featuring special bottles equipped with contactless chips, each preloaded with a credit for a trip on the London underground.

Top fintech stories this week – 10 March 2017

Banking Tech 2

Catch up on Banking Technology’s top five fintech stories of the week – all in one place!

Monzo, Revolut, Loot, U Account and other fintechs let down by payments processor

online payment

Payment outages have caused major problems to cardholders and fintech services provides in the UK and internationally. This is understood to be down to payments processor Global Processing Services (GPS).

Ffrees, Wirecard, GPS and Bottomline Technologies team up for U Account

Ffrees' U Account – it's all about u

UK-based banking services challenger Ffrees Fiamily Finance has launched a new “digital agency banking solution” – U Account. The account is supported by Wirecard, Global Processing Services (GPS) and payments software vendor Bottomline Technologies.

US, EU regulators examine ‘time traveller’ trades from space


Regulators in Europe and the US are struggling to get to grips with trades that appear to be travelling back in time. Led by the UK’s National Physical Laboratory, new efforts are underway to synchronise time, with the help of atomic clocks.