Blockchain offers banks potential, but HFT provides benefits now

HFT provides benefits now

I’ve been a technology nerd since before it was cool. In fact, when I went to college in the mid-1970s engineering students were treated more like George McFly than Mark Zuckerberg. It wasn’t the most glamorous major to talk about. Not much has changed today when I tell people I lead an advocacy organisation in support of high frequency trading (HFT), a technology that lowers trading costs for banks, asset managers and pretty much all investors. I find the work exciting, but I do run into my share of Biff Tannens.

Buy-side lacks confidence in US and EU regulators as fear of HFT grows

Amusing infographic from Liquidnet

Long-term investors are deeply concerned about their ability to find liquidity, with nearly 90% afraid that predatory high-frequency traders are preying on their flows, according to a new survey by block-trading network Liquidnet.

Regulators set to clamp down on HFT market abuse in 2015 warns report


Securities market regulators are beginning to clamp down on market abuse linked to complex high-frequency trading strategies – but there is much more to be done, according to a new report by financial consultancy Kinetic Partners.

Bombay Stock Exchange targets HFTs with network revamp

The BSE is opening up to HFT

India’s Bombay Stock Exchange has ramped up its network application and monitoring speeds and opened a new investor service centre in New Delhi, as it seeks to attract latency-sensitive traders.

High frequency traders under the regulatory spotlight

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The regulatory spotlight is shining on high frequency traders and dark pools, but the technological changes that have driven down trading costs for everyone will not be reversed. With market making increasingly the preserve of profit maximising algorithmic traders, there is a growing responsibility on institutions to control where their trades are going and how they are being executed. Those that do not are writing checks to HFTs with clients’ money

Dark pools, market manipulation and benchmark rigging top risks warns report

MAD II is an opportunity, says SunGard's Magnus Almqvist

Regulators in the US and Europe are stepping up investigations into dark pool activity, market abuse and manipulation of financial benchmarks following a spate of damaging incidents in recent months. Tougher regulatory oversight could have a significant impact on all three areas, according to a new report by financial services technology provider SunGard.

US, EU regulators examine ‘time traveller’ trades from space


Regulators in Europe and the US are struggling to get to grips with trades that appear to be travelling back in time. Led by the UK’s National Physical Laboratory, new efforts are underway to synchronise time, with the help of atomic clocks.

Corvil turns to cloud as data ‘race for pace’ accelerates

Corvil dashboard

Trading technology firm Corvil has launched a new streaming analytics platform which it says will help exchanges, banks, brokers and other trading firms to sweep away the IT failures of the past and learn to better understand the market.

Know thine algo: how to define it, prove it, tame it. Part 1


Regulators across the globe appear divided on the question of whether tighter control of algorithmic trading is necessary: the Australians are pretty laid back about it, the Germans are ahead of the game, while political debate rages in the US …

Canadian exchange pursues “fairer markets” with MillenniumIT deal

MillenniumIT's Mack Gill:

Canadian ‘challenger’ exchange Aequitas, which plans to favour long-term investors by discouraging HFT, has chosen a trading engine and several other tools from MillenniumIT, the Sri Lanka-based technology company owned by the London stock Exchange.