IBM touts “10x times faster software driven innovation” through DevOps in the cloud

Kristof Kloeckner

Combining development and operational deployment of software into a more integrated cycle can greatly improve time to market and improve efficiencies giving “10 times faster software driven innovation”, delegates at the annual SifmaTech trading systems conference and exhibition in New York were told.

Cyberspace: beyond the rule of law?


Cybersecurity and cyber espionage have been in the headlines the past few years as leaked stories relating to government-sponsored activities have appeared and sabre rattling between aggrieved nations has moved to the public domain. At the same time an increased volume of distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) on banks and other institutions carried out […]

Visa Europe, IBM and Monitise plan European mobile revolution

Visa Europe, IBM and Monitise plan to revitalise mobile payments in Europe

Visa Europe and its majority-owned mobile money specialist Monitise have signed a deal with IBM in a major mobile banking and mobile payment collaboration targeting Europe’s banks.

UniCredit to form joint venture with IBM for cloud services

Milan-based UniCredit

UniCredit and IBM are to form a joint venture company that will offer IT infrastructure services to other financial institutions as part of a “multi-billion dollar”, 10-year agreement.

IBM teams with Rapid Addition for ultra-low latency

Houstoun: working with IBM on future projects

High frequency trading specialist Rapid Addition has partnered with IBM to provide an ultra-low latency service for financial firms that are very sensitive to speed.

Pure and easy: IBM’s stripped-down servers

IBM’s highly-integrated rack-based server system, PureSystems, is claimed to reduce operational costs in large integrated enterprises like mid-tier and large banks.

Bankers get framed

Frameworks are a hot topic in banking, both among banks and major vendors, and for similar reasons – complexity, integration, cost and the challenge of updating legacy systems. Several major banks, including ING, ABN AMRO and UBS, and technology providers including IBM, Microsoft, SAP and Temenos, have joined the Banking Industry Architecture Network to develop […]