Infographics: the biggest bitcoin crashes in the last decade


Bitcoin underwent a lot of ups and downs in its brief history. This nifty infographics (courtesy of offers a lowdown on major crashes during the early years of this digital currency experienced by Bitcoin traders.

Infographics: the fintech landscape

the fintech lansdcape 2016

It’s infographics time! A great compilation of fintech companies, showing how we’ve gone from graph paper to personal data algorithms – and everything in between.

Infographics: real-time payments – the odyssey

Real-time payments infographics

Banking Technology, ACI Worldwide and Nets have joined forces to survey the global market about the highs and lows of its current journey towards real-time payments. From individual institutions’ readiness to key market drivers, obstacles and fraud concerns, and everything in between – survey participants from across the globe share their views.

Infographics: the Euro 2016 guide to e-commerce

France's Guillot: regulators must take action to protect markets

The 2016 UEFA European Championship ran from 10 June to 10 July in France. Portugal beat France 1-0 in the final. In the spirit of that football tournament, PPRO created an e-commerce guide to each country that proved very popular throughout the event. Click here to see all the countries: Euro 2016

Infographics: the evolution of credit

Evolution of credit MBNA

This nifty infographics, courtesy of MBNA, is a whistle-stop tour of credit wonder and woe over the last 4,000 years – from ancient Babylon to modern Britain – and what people had to do to get a little credit.

Infographics: the Euro 2016 guide to e-commerce – England vs Slovakia

Slovakia vs England commerce

Today, 20 June, sees the England-Slovakia game of the 2016 UEFA European Championship in France. In the spirit of that football tournament, PPRO has created an e-commerce guide to these two countries. Click here to see all the countries: Euro 2016

Top fintech stories this week – 10 June 2016

Banking Tech 2

Catch up on Banking Technology’s top five fintech stories of the week – all in one place! Goldman Sachs to underpin new digital bank with Infosys tech It’ll be the e-Finacle digital banking platform, Banking Technology understands. Infographics: The Euro 2016 guide to e-commerce In the spirit of that football tournament that starts today, we’ve got an e-commerce […]

Infographics: Flavors of Fast – the world of immediate payments

FIS infographics

FIS has published its third annual report, Flavors of Fast, which shows via infographics the growth in the number of real-time payment initatives and usage volumes. Warren Gardiner, VP strategy enterprise payments, FIS, says: “Context is everything: speed without context is just faster; creating context without open data mining is merely an improvement. Speed, context […]

Infographics: FATCA and CRS – how ready are you?

CRS and FATCA Infographics

As we enter a new era in global tax reporting with increasing regulations around tax transparency, Banking Technology and Thomson Reuters have gathered industry views from across the globe to piece together a full picture on the financial market’s readiness for the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) and continued approach to the Foreign Account Tax Compliance […]

Infographics: the seven deadly sins of quantitative data analysts

Quandl 7 sins of data analysts 1

Greed, gluttony, anger, envy and more. The seven deadly sins of quantitative data analysts put into a nifty graphics, courtesy of Quandl.