Interview: Matteo Cassina, Saxo Bank – is digital banking the new Big Brother?

Matteo Cassina, Saxo Bank

Amid the hustle and bustle of MoneyConf in Madrid, Banking Technology managed to grab a coffee with Matteo Cassina, global head of sales at Saxo Bank. Conversation turned from the demise of bank branches to the rise artificial intelligence (AI) and open banking.

Say goodbye to the IT crowd

Michael Harte

The whole concept of internal software development within banks and other financial institutions could soon be replaced by small ad hoc teams constructing applications using off-the-shelf apps or downloadable modules, according to Michael Harte, chief information officer at Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

On board the enterprise

Young: sticking to the principles

Like Apple under Steve Jobs, Bloomberg has a long-held reputation for being a ‘closed’ sort of company, reluctant to compromise its products or its ways of working.

Not just another hole in the wall …

Ennis: softly softly approach

When Diebold hired John Ennis from rival ATM maker Wincor Nixdorf to become country manager for its UK and Ireland operation, a few eyebrows were raised.

Ennis, a former head of self-service at NatWest, had been general manager, banking global accounts, at Wincor Nixdorf, which he had joined in 2001 as director of its banking division in the UK.