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Oracle unveils new global payments solution for banks, Oracle Banking Payments

Oracle unveils brand new payments platform for banks

Oracle has unveiled its brand new development, Oracle Banking Payments. The product has been built from the ground up, leverages ISO 20022 and supports global and local payment standards (SEPA, Swift 2017, Fedwire, US ACH and Swift’s gpi).

The Fed highlights progress toward faster, safer payments

Real-time payments system step closer in the US

The Federal Reserve’s plan to improve the speed, efficiency and security of the US payments system has made significant strides toward those goals, but there’s more work to do, according to the Fed’s latest progress report on the initiative.

Sibos 2016: collaboration will energise ISO 20022

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To drive ISO 20022 adoption, the industry is calling for collaboration and for those with the ‘right stuff’ to lead the way. A panel yesterday, ISO 20022 market practice developments, gave a global view of the status of ISO 20022 in the payments and securities markets. Gerard Smith, director collateral services at LCH.Clearnet, said the […]

The path to perfect harmony

Day2 standards

The nitty-gritty work has been done with IS0 20022, but new technology and regulations mean that institutions will have to standardise their workflows as well.

Harmonising high-value payments

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While it sounds like something for which you’d need to visit a doctor, Swift’s HVPS+ will likely be a talking point during the payments industry panels at this month’s Sibos. Announced in mid-August, the high-value payments system task force is an important component of Swift’s ISO 20022 harmonisation initiative. A number of central banks, market infrastructures and banks from around the world are members of the task force.

Investments for real-time payment systems and migration to ISO 20022

Olivier Denis, EastNets

Traditionally there weren’t any obligations for financial institutions to provide complete information on all parties in a payment process. Today, it is quite a different story. The initiator and receiver are responsible for reporting account numbers, names and addresses of remitters. There are even cases now where regulators may prevent banks from processing transactions when […]

Swift forms task force for ISO 20022 harmonisation

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Swift has formed a global market practice task force of markets infrastructures and banks to assist its ISO 20022 Harmonisation Charter. Sponsored by the Payments Market Practice Group (PMPG), the task force aims to address the evolving ISO 20022 standards requirements of high value payments systems (HVPS) providers. Swift says it is a “key component” […]

LCH signs up to Swift’s ISO 20022 Harmonisation Charter

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LCH is the first central counterparty clearing house (CCP) to sign up to Swift’s ISO 20022 Harmonisation Charter. The charter is designed to help rollout the ISO 20022 messaging standard and “promote harmonisation”. LCH, which is majority-owned by the London Stock Exchange, is one of 17 financial market infrastructure providers to have “endorsed” the charter, […]

Canadian Payments Association moves to ISO 20022


The Canadian Payments Association (CPA) has adopted ISO 20022, as it looks to modernise Canada’s payment system. Gerry Gaetz, president and CEO of the CPA, says ISO 20022 will “enable the Canadian financial community to provide better service, both domestically and across borders, to their customers”. The CPA says recent research indicates that cost savings […]

Payments UK launches new support service, signs Faster Payments as the first taker


Payments UK’s new service – Standards Collaboration Framework – offers institutions support in the implementation of industry standards. The first taker has already been onboarded. This is Faster Payments Scheme Limited (FPSL). Payments UK says the customer “will use the central, well-maintained ‘library’ to simplify how its industry stakeholders access and receive notifications about updated […]