National Stock Exchange of India goes live on ITRS’s Geneos monitoring software


India’s National Stock Exchange (NSE) has implemented ITRS’s real-time monitoring platform, Geneos. ITRS says the rollout is part of the NSE’s objective to “streamline” operations due to the recent regulatory reform in the Asian securities market. G. Shenoy, CTO operations at NSE, says: “ITRS Geneos gives us an early warning system so that we can […]

ITRS expands in China with eBroker integration


ITRS, the analytics and real-time monitoring technology provider, has announced plans to integrate its Geneos platform with the trading and risk management platform of eBroker Systems to provide a series of performance metrics for users. The agreement will see Geneos monitor both eBroker’s deployed and hosted trading platform. eBroker Systems operate in the Greater China […]

Data integrity and post-crisis regulatory reform

Mark Brennan is head of business development Americas at ITRS

The integrity of data in capital markets – be it, for example, price data, trade facts, collateral balances, or other key business information – has long been a fundamental concern of technologists and business stakeholders. But how do we define integrity?

EU sets date for MiFID II as transparency debate intensifies

Salmon: catching up with MiFID II can be a slippery business

The EU has set a date for the introduction of MiFID II, the long-awaited legislation from the European Commission which was recently approved by the European Parliament. The decision follows years of consultation and negotiation, but serious reservations remain about how transparency will be applied to non-equity markets.

ITRS adds Murex capability to monitoring system

Kevin Covington

Trading system monitoring specialist ITRS Group has added a module to its Geneos system for the Murex cross-asset trading and risk management platform.

Stand by for light speed: high performance computing in financial services


Most debates about High Performance Computing in financial services quickly turn into conversations about high frequency trading, but there are many more reasons for getting the best of out of systems. Electronics and computer technology have always been pushing the boundaries of smaller, faster, cheaper (or at least, ‘more affordable’) and financial services firms have always been quick to take advantage of the latest advances.

Early warning for trading failures

Kinsella: early warning could save millions of dollars

Technology companies Verdande and ITRS have developed an early warning system designed to detect trading outages and system failures before they happen.