Lloyds Bank target of Trickbot banking trojan

Cyber crime

Trickbot is back, new and improved, and is targeting customers of Lloyds Bank in the UK in a new phishing campaign, according to cybersecurity specialist Cyren.

Swift warns of second new malware threat

Swift logo

Swift has warned its customers about a newly identified malware found at a “commercial bank”, which it has declined to identify. This latest development follows yesterday’s (12 May) news where Swift rejected the allegations made by Bangladesh Bank and Bangladesh Police’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officials about the first cyber fraud scandal in February. Details […]

Banks warned to brace for the coming storm as Carbanak malware steals $1 billion


Financial institutions are being urged to revisit their cyber-security following revelations that an online gang using the Carbanak malware stole up to $1 billion from banks in 30 countries around the world in a series of highly-sophisticated attacks over the last two years.

Financial institutions and Cybercrime: It’s only just begun

Alex Raistrick Palo Alto Networks

A recent bout of high profile cyber-attacks on financial institutions across the UK, US and Canada has put the spotlight back on the importance of data security and the need to be diligent when it comes to cybersecurity within the banking industry

Banks’ cyber resilience requires ongoing review against escalating threats

Seth Berman

The news last month (June) that the Luuuk malware had snared its first victim, an unnamed European bank, has again highlighted the magnitude of the challenge facing the banking sector. While the reported theft of €500,000 during the course of a week certainly does not break any records, the discovery of what is believed to be a variant of the feared Zeus malware, is just the latest in a line of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks

Why Yahoo’s malware attack is hitting banks hard


At the end of last year, Yahoo was hit by a malware attack. It affected over two million clients, mainly in Romania, Great Britain, France, Italy and Spain, putting their personal data at risk. Upon visiting the website between 27 December and 3 January, users received advertisements, some of which were malicious and infected users’ devices without even a click.

Mobile malware headache looms for security managers

Attacks: not 'if' but 'when' ...

A 400% increase in malware for mobile devices masks a security scene where many of the threats are much as they have been for several years – but where the volume of attacks means that firms should think in terms of when they will be attacked rather than if they will be.